Social Networking Sites for Entrepreneurs | My Top 3 and why

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Social Networking Sites for Entrepreneurs | My Top 3 and why

As an online and network marketer, I'm always looking for effective platforms and communities to plug into to network with like minded open minded individuals. Specifically, I look for networking sites that are free and focused on entrepreneurship. In this article, I will share my top 3 sites and why.


Social Networking Sites for Entrepreneurs

LinkedIn is My #1 choice for a social networking site for entrepreneurs because of the following:

A)LinkedIn has always been the website commonly associated with business and professionals. People go on LinkedIn with the intention of doing business transactions. Many businesses will often research professionals or companies on LinkedIn before doing business. 

B)Social Media Today found that 45% of B2B marketers have gained a customer through LinkedIn.

C)Article content you publish on LinkedIn ranks highly on many search engines. Specifically, it's one of the top 5 sites that google indexes regularly.

D)Unlike Facebook, you can have a maximum number of 30,000 personal connections and after that an unlimited number of people following you. 

E) There lots of groups for virtual networking be it by geography, business category or interest. 

If you haven't quite figured out how to utilize LinkedIn as a lead generator for your business, check my below video on LinkedIn Tips and Tricks for Entrepreneurs and follow me on Youtube as I will be releasing a series of videos in January 2017 focused on giving tips on maximizing LinkedIn as Entrepreneurs:


Social Networking Sites for Entrepreneurs

Although Facebook is primarily billed as the social site for connecting with friends and family. There are proven effective ways to use facebook that make it number 2 on my top Social Networking Sites for Business, these are:

A)People do business with those they like and trust so through using your social profile you and sharing your life with a few business posts in between, you can actually attract customers and business partners. There are many six figure income earners within the network marketing industry who have that as one of the cornerstones of their recruiting and sales.

B)Facebook groups similar to LinkedIn are plentiful and cover all topics and regions. Leveraging groups effectively and connecting with other business minded persons through groups can be a great way to grow your network and then your business effectively.

C) Facebook ads is, in my opinion, superior when it comes to really doing targetted marketing and this is the final reason that they made it to number 2 on my list. Check my other blog post where I share strategies on how to advertise on facebook (free and paid).


This is a little gem that I found recently that I've fallen in love with. It's a free and very active social network for small business, online marketers and network marketers or mlm-ers. This made my top 3 because of the following:

A)It provides a suite of free tools and services for the online / internet marketer.

B)The community is of like minded and open minded business owners. It's thriving and I have already connected with several go-getters within my field that have shared some amazing tips and lead sources with me.

C)You can connect via what is called associating on the site with an unlimited number of individuals.

D)The search and filter functions on the wall and in the associate directory is THE hidden gem of this site.

Those are my top 3 social sites for entrepreneurs and online marketers. I welcome your thoughts and feedback. Feel free to reach out and connect with me on all platforms mentioned.

I hope you found value in My Social Networking Sites for Entrepreneur | My top 3 and why.

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