Spiritual Business

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What Is Spiritual Business?

A Spiritual Business can vary into all kinds of categories such as healing, holistic medicine, meditation, exercise etc! My way is to inspire and guide people on their spiritual journey.  Having had experiences of awakening there can be so many gurus and mentors to teach you the way, but I believe the best teacher you can invest in is yourself which you will discover along your path.

Being spiritual gives you the advantage of learning how to use your mind to control the outcome of things whether it be physical or emotional, this is the law of perpetual transmutation of energy, where you use your thoughts to achieve the balance of a calm state of mind.

When we get the hang of controlling our energies, life becomes more easy to handle. Have you ever noticed when you are getting frustrated, things become more difficult!? But the moment you are relaxed and not bothered about the issue, is when it works out. Trying to thread a needle or playing candy crush were the ones I noticed most. The same principle goes when dealing with other situation so it is up to us to use our minds to balance it out.

Ways to help focus the mind

There are many ways to focus your mind through meditation, but we do have choices and this is the number one question! What do you choose? We have a lot of decisions to make in this lifetime, this is why we have a conscious to decide what we do, and what we choose maps out our future for us.

These are some of the methods I used to get my mind in set before starting my business,

. Give myself more thinking time to make a decision
. Listen to my heart, not my brain
. Let my emotions be, whether sad of happy be aware of your feelings
. Being grateful for the little I had
. Listening to calm 432 hz music
. Think positive even when negative
. Engage with my thoughts daily
. Understanding who I am, getting to know me
. Only live in the now, not thinking about the past or future/ needs practice

By applying these to my lifestyle it had trained my mind to think a lot differently than what I was programmed to believe. Life is now in my hands and I understand what I need to do to get things done.

I always thought having a business one had to be filthy rich and over intelligent! To my surprise I was neither and here I am sharing my voice with you. This was a choice I made and took action, law of cause and effect.

I started Six Figure Mentors because it's a spiritual based business platform where you can earn money by doing the things you love. I know these days you can just go out there and start up a website but if you are anything like me and know nothing about plug-ins or tracking, these mentors are what you are looking for with step by step guidance and a 24 hour technical team for support.

Are You Doing What You Love Doing?

What ever you are into, SFM has great starting opportunities from affiliate marketing to your own online shop, they are there to help you with the hard stuff while you focus on building your dreams because without each other this planet would fail. Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, founders of Six Figure Mentors, built this multi million dollar platform to give people a chance to make it on their own and with the world in the digital field right now, what better way to connect and share with others your desires and passions.

If you have a passion that you would like to share, take a peak and see if the team has anything to offer you. Also feel free to email me below with any queries you may have.

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