Successful People Think Outside The Box

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Often times, most successful people rely on their so-called irrational thinking outside the box to follow a course and succeed, even if they are also gifted rational thinkers. They understand beyond reason that they cannot be boxed in if they want to accomplish their vision.

They consider this way of thinking an asset and a secret weapon. They go after their desires by following their intuition, this gut feeling that overrides any rational thought to hold later on the solution they need.

Without this kind of irrational thinking, our world wouldn’t have many of the things we have today.

The space inside the box is limited and in fact very crowded. Many people are doing many of the same things over and over, thus not setting anyone apart. They are just another green marble in a box full of green marbles.

You got the point I am trying to make!

Successful people constantly think outside the box, whether it is in business affairs, marketing or with customers. It is crucial to set yourself apart from those who are thinking inside the box if you want to realize your goals.

The Outside the Box Story

Let me tell you a short story…One day, a person walks into a bank. He asks the loan officer to borrow the sum of $8000 because he is going to travel to an exotic destination for three weeks. The credit officer tells him the bank needs some collateral for the loan.

The person hands him a set of keys and title papers to his new Lamborghini which is in front of the bank. Clearly, a $350,000 Lamborghini is more than enough warranty for the loan, so the bank gives him the $8000 he needed. The person leaves with the loan and the creditor parks the sport’s car into the underground parking garage of the bank.

In the course of the next few days, the bank employees are all making fun about this irrational person that provided $350,000 deposit for a miserable $8000 loan. After three weeks, the person comes back from his trip and reimburses his loan, adding in $42 for the interests.

The bank employee thanks the person for her business but then asks: “I am curious. While you were away, I looked and found out you are a multimillionaire. I do not understand why you even troubled yourself with borrowing $8000 when you have plenty of money.”

The person then replies: “Where else can I park my Lamborghini for $2.00 a day and expect it to be there when I return?”

What Drives Us

Each of us is an evolutionary success story and owes our existence to successful generations of ancestors that came before us. We have inherited their passions which led to their survival and success, and then to ours.

But these same passions push us at times, often blindly, through a permanent journey for the struggle for survival, the pursuit of recognition and the hunt for position. It also refers to the emotional ardors that drive us in our quests through life.

We commonly believe that thinking outside the box is a force opposed to reason and rationality. We consider it something that should be tamed or overcome but successful people know that when appropriately grasped, thinking in such a way is a limpid logic and has a precise purpose.

The kind of irrationality I am talking about is fueled by passion; a passion to make a difference, to create something wonderful and to succeed. Without the irrational thinking outside the box, reason would take over which would make the path to success almost impossible.

The Right Balance

That is why it’s critical for successful people, like entrepreneurs or businessmen, to work on something that they love doing and think outside the box. It fuels their drive and keeps them going despite setbacks they are bound to encounter.

A rational person will give up when they believe it’s impossible, think they can’t go any further, do any more or it is too hard. On the other hand, successful people won’t give up no matter the cost, and for most it is such an irrational way of thinking, but not for them.

“I’m not afraid to die on a treadmill. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, but if we get on the treadmill together, there are two things: You are getting off first, or I’m going to die. It’s really that simple.” - Will Smith

Successful people know how to take breaks and regroup to keep their drive up. You won't see them looking at their phone checking email when they're on vacation or out with friends or spending time with their families. They have learned to let go.

If you observe people in social gatherings, you may have probably noticed that the smartest and most successful person in the room is often doing more listening than talking. It's not that they have nothing to say, but they know they can learn more by listening.

This trait is part of my character since childhood.

The Main Ingredients

Most successful people have acquired a lot of wisdom on their journey and many of them love to think outside the box. They know that if they want to keep growing, they need to think differently.

They take big pride in this way of thinking and know it is vital for achieving their goals. It is what drives them to do more and be better. It takes a well-grounded person to have such a right balance.

They are committed, irrational or not. They see success as the only option. All of the successful people around us succeeded because of their outside the box thinking, sickening determination and pure passion.

Ability does play a part but ultimately, the main ingredients are ‘outside the box’ thoughts, irrational passion and persistence.

In conclusion, to think outside the box is some of the irrationality successful people have to maximize their chances of long-term and ongoing success. So whatever we do, let’s try to think differently than others. And go after something that we’ll enjoy doing every waking hour of every day if we ever need to.

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