Summary Of Why A Few People Follow Through And Most Do Not By Tony Robbins

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How To Take Action - Tony Robbins (Video)

Countless people go through life saying that they want changes, but do not take action, and here is why a few people follow through and most do not.

So what is the thing that is stopping them dead in their track?

The answer is simply FEAR… yes their fear of failing is much stronger than their fear of trying. But the difference with the people who follow through is that they are more afraid of what life would be like if they do not follow through.

Overachievers are afraid of missing out of what could be.

Zero Action and Only Doubt

People do not take action because they are waiting for something to happen in their lives that will change their circumstances, but deep down, most people don’t believe it is going to happen for them, subconsciously or otherwise!!!

The why a few people follow through and most not is that a myriad of people settle for what they got, hoping it will change, but remaining in a normal job and then saying to themselves…”I am sick of this”…but then again, expecting for a change, without taking any action.

A lot of people want to succeed, but they are afraid. It is easier to be a critic than a believer. It takes guts to believe. People who are usually critical or skeptic about others taking risks, have their fear talking, for the reason that they are so scared of failure or disappointment.

The “maybe” or the “maybe not” people say are doubts, and doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will.

People are mainly in a desire state to where they are okay with their existence and a security job as they call it, they have big dreams for their lives, or do want greater things but they are not doing what it takes to have it, they are not taking action.

Some people buy products to change the course of their lives, they make the first step, but then give up on the second step…acting on it! How are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?

It is all about Mindset! As Tony Robbins describes it, people go through 4 phases when it comes to mindset.  

4 Phases Why Few People Follow Through

  •  Potential: Most people have potential but they never take action. It is the potential of people that affects the actions they take.
  •  Actions: It is the actions that people take that affect their results.
  •  Results: And these results affect and enforce their belief.
  •  Beliefs: Then ironically, their belief affects their potential.

If someone believes that they have very little potential, how much action they are going to take…very little of course. And so, in this manner, they get very little results, and affect their belief system, then those people come and say…”see, I knew it was not going to happen”…

After an experience like this, most people have even less potential, that get them to make less actions, then less results, that affect even more their belief system, and give them again less potential…

It is a downward spiral, and it is self-feeding. So again, the difference between why a few people follow through and most do not is Mindset.  

Rules of Following Through

  • Certainty: Be absolutely certain that you will get the result that you want. You must know, with absolute certainty, not “I believe” but with “I know with certainty” because you need to, no other choice, and there is no other way…
  • Insight: Understand that it will not happen overnight, it will take commitment.
  • Conditioning: Condition your mind over and over. “Breakthrough happens by conditioning your mind every day and following mentors or role models” – Tony Robbins
  • Action: Daily rituals are needed. Do one thing a day to condition your mind, do a little bit each day to get momentum. Do what’s next to progress.
  • Learn: Each week learn a new skill to make some progress. Watch and learn from the best in the business, the millionaires, the successful people, etc. Don’t forget that the more you learn, the more you earn.
  • Mindset: Your state of mind creates it all. Be in a state of certainty, know and believe that this is going to work, tell yourself you will find a way or make a way, so that as to tap into more potential. Set your mind in a state of total certainty.
  • Momentum: Keep going, you don’t need change your potential; it is there, you need to take more actions, so create and get results in your head that makes it certain that it already happened.
  • Visualization: Visualize your goals and desires. It is your will and subconscious that will drive you.

Now, do you understand the why a few people follow through and most do not.

It is all about setting your mind the right way, on an objective, and never let go. All successful people have that mindset, and you have that potential within you, all you need is to start.

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