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For many of us the holiday ended on Monday the 08th of January 2018. The day you have to pitch up at work and perform miracles for a business or an organisation. You will be remunerated an income which feels continuously just too little for you to get ahead.  Many people work for a salary which pays them enough to prevent them from leaving, but too little to earn a comfortable lifestyle.

My week in the traditional economy started on an extreme high. My mood was uplifted during the holiday-break working full time on my online business. It felt satisfying working on something you are passionate about and you feel connected to in contrasts to the grind of the traditional job. The feeling of inspiration, passion and a feeling of hope, just a general positive high feeling is how Monday started and it rubbed off on everyone I was surrounded by.

As the working week progressed, the lid was slowly being closed on the pot and the heat was being turned up. Have you ever experienced that high?  Are you slowly being dragged down the hill with those ugly hands like the movie “The Ring”.

If you have to complete a daily timesheet, accounting for every minute of your day. Then you can relate to the pressure that is being placed on you to work productively every moment and at the end of the week produce a productivity report. This report states your measure of success. We all understand the value of productivity. We all realise that time is money, but jeez give me just a little break and consider the ideas, value and intellectual property that I offer.

This fact will be worsened for you if you also have to perform administrative tasks. It is a necessary evil that does not produce a cent. I had to complete month end reports for December 2017 and assess the cash flow position of the company and then take steps to address it. In the traditional economy it means you are not creating income per say , because admin, although necessary is not an income generating activity. From that original good place of Monday the pressure starts building and by Wednesday it is steaming.

There is no better a killer for a “good mood” than a lawyer’s request seeking a clients “DNA” which you never had, in a divorce settlement. Wait, the ultimate mood killing machine: a letter received from the Institute requiring you to submit a declaration of compliance to a set of laws called NUCLAR. If you do not abide by clicking on a link that you understand the NUCLAR law and apply it, you will be scrapped from the Institute and an example will be made of you. This threat reminded me of my Grade 6 teacher trying to get our naughty boys to behave. I was tempted to click “no I do not understand” there was no place to add “because I do not see any value being added to the average citizen's life” and I dicided to leave it until next week. Maybe I will find divine inspiration to apply my mind to the mandane.If you even remotely believe in the law of attraction you are pressed to convince yourself to ignore all these things and just merrily go with the positive flow.

By Friday afternoon the morale was so low, I decided to put a further nail in the timesheet-coffin and go for an afternoon surf. In the ocean I was looking for the biggest possible wave in order to smash it apart or to be smashed. I might aid to remove the lid on the past week that was boiling over.

undefinedLaying there in the ocean a lot of crazy thoughts came to mind. Thinking about the past week. Feelings of doubt settled in. Not only doubt about one thing, but doubting and questioning every damn thing. Every good thing of the past 3 months are being raised and questioned. You weigh the pros and cons of every decision and move you have made. You ask yourself “what if all of this is just a scam and people are manipulating you for their own selfish benefits”. Further to that reminding yourself that you are by nature very gullible. You are telling yourself that you are being screwed over twice and you wonder if you could go back and rewind everything. Every blog written are being called to the fore and questioned about it’s integrity and value.

None of these thoughts existed a week ago. Fortunately I have a love in my life that explained to me that I have been swallowed up by the “rat race” which is a normal phenomenon. She told me that this will not get us under. In spite of how you feel, you will go to your home-office and you will carry on to work on your dream. You will do this in spite of feeling swallowed up and you will leave such a bitter taste in the traditional job’s mouth, that it will be forced to spit you out and then you will realise what you have achieved.

I told my love that I have such low inspiration that I can't even think about putting pen to paper and produce the magic. She said: “Go write about it. Go write how you have been swallowed up by the traditional economy like millions of others this week. Tell them that you are doing something about it and they can too. Give them hope. Give them something. Give them your truth until you have turned an uncertainty into a certainty for the well-being of all”.

We all will do something after the holiday, it will either be something you love or something you hate. If it is the latter for you, there is hope for you and the world. You are hereby invited to join a community that made their hope-decision, by clicking on the link below. 

PS: By reskilling yourself you can make that change. No matter how old you are or where you are. 


Louis Munro

Chartered Accountant (SA)

>Founder: Munro Accountancy Inc

>Founder: Your Moment Your Life (YMYL)

>Co-founder: Savvic Statutory Services (Pty) Ltd

>Co-founder: The Fun Accountant

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