Taking The First Step Towards Success

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If you would do a search on the internet for such a definition, you will see that almost everyone has a written article in saying that failure is the first step towards success. I must agree to this statement to only a certain degree.

But the question is: “Is that all there is to it, really?”

I do believe that the first secret, the first step in being a successful person is to start thinking like a successful individual and then, the second step is to believe in yourself. The failure step comes way after.

So many people flock around, spending money wherever and hoping their debit card accept their purchases. Most of them, as a society, do not keep track of their spending and they wonder why they are in debt. Sounds familiar?  

Know How Successful You Are

Do you want to know how successful you are?

One of the first steps towards success is to look at your inner circle. This is huge. It is even shocking to see how big of an influence it has on your mindset and overall success.

We all want to believe that we can be the shining light for our struggling friends like “I just need to be positive and show them how to do things the right way”. This is a noble thought but it is proven time and time again to not be accurate.

“You are an average of the five people you hold closest to you”  

The Five People Average

If those five people are struggling, you will struggle. If those people are successful, you will be successful. I am not saying cut the friends out of your life that are not successful.

Honestly most of these friends will start falling off by themselves. And as your circle of friends will decrease, it will increase in value. Great people attract other great people.

If you put in the hours, work hard and constantly push for success, you will quickly see who share the same dreams and is willing to work for them. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people, the ones who really belong in your life, will come to you and stay.

You are the CEO of your life, so take the first step right here right now.  

Focus on Assets

You need to focus on building assets and limiting the buying of liabilities… I mean stop buying things that you don’t really need or won’t serve you to improve yourself and create a better life.

Start investing in your financial intelligence today and read books about personal finances and self-development. Become this hungry wolf inside of you. Start dressing and acting better.

Act like the man or the woman you ultimately want to become. Question yourself and ask if the strongest version of yourself would do this. Develop a ritual by tracking your spending and start reading a book per week about something that you will help you grow financially, intellectually and subconsciously.

This is not something done in one day. Stop acting poor and middle class, or you will forever stay there.  

The First Step towards Success

You want to become a successful person, a millionaire, then start thinking like one.

It costs 0.00 to think like a millionaire. Successful people invest first and spend the rest, average people spend first and save what is left.

“My proceeds from Paypal were $180M. I put $100M into SpaceX, $70M into Tesla Motors, and $10M in SolarCity. I had to borrow money for rent” – Elon Musk, Business magnate.

Millionaires have around 7 sources of income.  

Be a Wolf

Being a wolf is not for everyone. In fact it is less than 1 out of every 50,000 people in the world. A wolf, for me, is someone who has written their life’s vision, continually setting milestone goals to reach that vision, and works like hell, day in and day out, to get it.

Think of the great legends in sport or in any field, or about the titans in the business world: Michael Jordan, Connor Macgregor, Rockefeller, Henry Ford, etc.

The people at the top, at the absolute top, all share that killer focus for their goals and take no bull*… That is how they reached their place at the top in the first place.

So many of us, call ourselves killers and wolves but the truth is, most of us are not because we take time ‘off’ and go out once or twice a week to party and ‘hangout’.

You save money to party on the weekend. Successful people save money to build their empire.

If it is not you, and you are planning and making the first step towards success, then you are a wolf or in the process of becoming one. A wolf is not a wolf for a day, week, month, or even year. It is a lifetime pursuit.

A million dollars dream requires a million dollars work ethic. You know that this path is not for everyone. It is for the few who have realized that they rather die than not to have accomplished their vision.

Start NOW. Take the first step towards success. If you quit or don’t start now, you will soon be back where you started. And where you started you were desperately wishing to be where you wanted. Go ahead. Take advantage of our 30 days trial at no cost.

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