Teamwork- proven to work but few use it...

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Teamwork works....

Fine. I will not just leave it at that, and just so it is easy to understand, I have the perfect analogy.

In order to create teamwork, you have to have people, just like at a gym. There must be a common goal, just like people that have a membership at a gym who all want to get in shape and/or lose weight. The problem that exist with both is that although both are proven to work, one must work hard at it. It does not just happen. Some people at the gym think that just by having a membership is all they need to reach their goal, and eventually get discouraged to see the results of someone that works hard at it. Teamwork is no different. At work especially, you can have all the tools and support at hand, just like the equipment at a gym, but if you don't use them, or if you don't have someone taking charge, and pushing you to accomplish the goal, it will not work. And, yes, sometimes you need someone to help you, just like a trainer at a gym to help you reach that goal, but ultimately the decision is yours alone, to be part of the team, and work towards a common goal. Are you in or out? Are you willing to work hard at it? Are you willing to work with others without getting discouraged?

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