The #1 and Simple Solution To Fear

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Fear is a much discussed and debated topic in the universe, especially the entrepreneurial space.


Everyone has fear inside of their heart and it’s normal. If I put it into plain words, it would be: “What if I can’t make it happen?”


It applies to me too. I know every one of you has the entrepreneur spirit inside of you, but you are not so sure if it’s the right path to go with. Some of you might ask: “What if this business venture failed? I would have lost money and time.”


Well. As a former loser (Not a winner yet), the key is to have faith in yourself and buckle down the road. (I know it’s cliché and you might say, Oh Brian, come on, give us something new, but I want you to hear this out). On my first attempt to the digital world, I started with Drop-shipping through Aliexpress, so basically the whole business model was selling some Chinese product to the United States. I failed completely. I spend a lot of money onto testing products and hope that something would hit and the money would come in. Long story short, I basically spent a lot of money on advertising and didn’t really make it back. I found some winning product, but because of the logistic problem, I had to make a refund to a part of my customers and basically lost over 12k USD. To a college student, it’s a huge amount of money and the stress and fear is real.


Most of the people will quit at this point. They will start to blame the whole “Making Money Online” idea doesn’t work and the whole thing is a scam. But I knew people are doing absolutely fabulous in the digital world. I always believed that if someone can do it, I can do it too. I have faith and confidence in myself and I will do everything to make it happen. So I borrowed money from my parents and start my second and third online ventures.


One of them are Dropshipping within US. The other business venture is Digital Marketing. I have found little success with dropshipping now and still learning about digital marketing. I didn’t quit because I know the lifestyle I want. I don’t want to be trapped in a corporate rat race. I don’t want to trade my time for money. I want to control my own destiny. I want to work on MY DREAMS instead of helping others to build their dream. Because I know I only need to succeed for once, and this is the business venture I have confidence it.


Don’t overthink things and just DO It. You would not know the result until you make an attempt to TRY it.


This video is really speaking the truth. After 5 seconds, our brain will just overthink things. What if I failed? What if it didn’t work out? What if…

Stop asking “What If...” and truly commit to things in your life if you truly want it.


So if you want to achieve something of yourself, or want to spend more time with your family, or want to earn an additional income streams, or simply want to travel around the world and be financially free. DO it.


I am here to open your eyes to the digital world. START Now. This might be a game changer to your life.


Be BOLD, Take MASSIVE Actions and Live Your Ideal Life.


Your Pal,


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