The #1 Tool That You Need To Succeed

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Hey Chaser,


It’s your pal, Brian here again. Today I want to share about the No.1 tool you need to succeed.


What if I told you that you already have everything you need to become successful?


So basically I have come across Bob Proctor, a very successful online mentor, in one of his 6 minutes to success videos videos.


I wanted to share this knowledge to you today because I know it will help you tremendously with this roller coaster journey we call life. I know each and every one of you deserve success.



It’s “Imagination”.

When we were still a child, we always day dreamed and talked about a lot of creative ideas. But when we have grown up, a lot of these ideas have been destroyed by this thing so call Reality.


Parents telling you to go to college and get a 9-5 job, so you can pay off your bills and mortgage. But is this the life you want? Is this your ideal life? I know most of you have the entrepreneur spirit inside your blood and you want to make a change to your life. Some of you want to spend more time with your family, your love ones. Some of you want to travel the world and really spend your time with meaning and purpose. Some of you simply want to achieve something and prove to the world that you can be successful, like I have always told myself.


Imagine what you really want in your life. What is your vision of your ideal life? Having a home-based business and spend as much time as you can with your children? 


Earning 5k a month and stop worrying about the bills and mortgage? Book a flight ticket now and don’t need to ask for your boss’s permission? I want you to start imagine your ideal life and the feelings that come with that. Really hold that image in your mind. Acting like you have already created the result. What do I truly mean by that is when we start a business, we dream of becoming a millionaire. We are making millionaire’s decision, we have faith and confidence in both our business model and our abilities.

Start to day dream your life now. Know your purpose and your dream. And the most important thing is: start chasing your lifestyle.


1.5 years ago, I was still a freshman in my college and I would dream about having my own business and don’t have to listen to anyone’s command. I know there are ways out there that could help me achieve this goal. I want to spend more free time doing the things that I’m truly passionate about. I don’t have to commute to work and could live a lifestyle I want. Going to the gym, watching movies, or simply having a nice dinner with my parents and girlfriend.


Now, I am having some small success with my online ventures and will never stop to work my way to my ideal life. I imagined I was already there. I remembered the feelings that come with that. I am here to open up your mind to different ways that you could start an online business even with little cash.


I can guarantee you no result. But I know, if you put in hard work and gave everything you can, your business would reward you in a way that you can never imagine.


Don’t let your current result get in the way of that imagination. Once you have that vision in your mind, vision that every day and work towards that every day.

Stop waiting and take massive action now. You can achieve anything if you choose to learn and leverage the digital economy.

Be Bold, Take Massive Action and Make your Ideal Life Happen,


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