The Art of Parenting: The Balance of Today's Here, Now and Work

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    The amount of time many us as parents spend trying to make the balance of work to home life work to our advantage is staggering. My friends and family that I observe doing this, as well as my own experience as a parent and single father has opened me up to so many things. All I really want is the rat race to settle or slow down and allow me to spend a little quality time with my kids without having to conistently look at a clock, run to my job, appointment or meeting and have to rush back to be with them. 


    My style of parenting is to be as involved with my children as much as I can be, even if I'm there in body and my mind is some place else. For example, I may be at one of my children's events but my thoughts are on bills, my job and what I need to get done in order to keep things on an even keel every day. 


    I recommend to, from my own experience, to be present when doing and spending time with your kids. Many of the moments you get with them you'll never get back will are priceless when compared to what the alternative is, which is to be resented and accused of not being there when our kids needed us most. I myself have seen this behavior and had this accusation put to me many times as my children have grown and still continue to grow into the people they are today as my children are 21, 19, 15 and 9. Many of us parents know this and are willing to do what ever it takes to be a constant staple in our childs lives. 


    Here are a few ways that I have utilized as a parent to keep the balance fruitful as far a balanced relationship with my kids: 


    Listening our children may be one of the pieces of advice I can give about parenting, is listening to your children and taking what they have to say seriously and follow through with what you tell them. 

Be an active participant

    In my children's lives, it was always important to take an avid stance in their lives and be an active parent to them. Even it was something as little as waking them in the morning for school by petting their little heads and asking my princesses if they were ready for another day? Or even getting on the floor with them and having a tea party and dressing up as Ms. Nesbit. These little moments are things they will remember forever, no matter how tough their lives get they will remember it and pull it from their files when they need it to get through the tougher days of life as they get older. 

Give Guidance 

    Always be prepared to give your kids guidance. The trick to this is never pushing anything on them or forcing them to accept an idea or ideaology. By mentioning something to them or giving them an example while putting them in the place of that example always has servered me well as a parent to my older children. Never push or force guidance. 

Chose a Career that allows some freedom with your kids

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    These are just some pointers based from my own experiences. I hope this may be of some use to some of you, it isn't much and there isn't much of a parenting manual out there. If there are any questions that you may have or if there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to reach out to me using the links under my picture here on this page or subscribe. 

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