The Best Revenge Is Massive Success

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In life, apparently, the best revenge is massive success. While I tried and experienced many things in the course of my existence, I succeeded in some of them, failed terribly in others and even gave up on a few. However, failing is something no one is immune to and that we must all go through it.

Is great achievement indeed the best payback? Why are we all failing at some point in our lives? What can failures teach us? Whatever good could come out of tragedies?

Of all the people who have experienced massive success, there exists no exception to a life without failure. In fact, the masters have failed more times than the students ever tried. The determining factor is that successful people did not give up while others did. And that is why success tastes so sweet after many bitter disasters.

“The best revenge is massive success.” – Frank Sinatra

However, often being considered the underdog myself, I am always rooting for the long shots, no matter who they are. For whatever reasons, people who are misfit, marginal, black sheep or dark horse are discounted continuously and put aside in life.

The Design of Success

Nonetheless, the story of these marginal is perhaps one of the oldest and most celebrated stories of our world. By being different, they often create change and achieve massive success. And we are all miracles of life. Yet, as miraculous beings, we usually look at what we do not have.

We instead prefer to compete with others, fight, hold grudges, get angry, and even argue with people that we care about. And yet, we supposed to be the smartest beings on the planet. It all seems so ironic!

The people who create massive success for themselves can let go of petty things. They influence their minds, learn, move past trivialities, and focus entirely on what they want out of life. Successful people are not being dissuaded by things like pain or failure but instead able to push past the barriers in their way and ultimately succeed.

The Misfits of Great Success

There are plenty of underdogs who achieved massive success as their best revenge. A great example of that is Sylvester Stallone. Here is an actor who came to be known through the films of “Rocky.” Yet, do you know his story? Mister Stallone was at one point in his life homeless, without a cent in his pocket. He lived in a bus station for close to one month.

The movie industry rejected all of his auditions. He got turned down more than 1,500 times and told he was a ‘nobody.’ Can you imagine? Mister Stallone failed more than one thousand five hundred times before seeing the light. Did you know that once, he was even forced to sell his dog for 25 dollars just to cover a bill he had to pay?

He felt so sorry because his dog was his best friend. But he afterward repurchased it. And it is that same dog that appears at his side in the first Rocky movie. However, imagine just how good the revenge of massive success tasted to mister Stallone when his film had won three Oscars.

The Best Revenge Is Massive Success

Even if you are going through hard times right now, or are experiencing setbacks or failures, or if people are telling you that you are not capable of doing something, or say that it is impossible, know this: Success is possible when you believe and keep trying.

The best revenge is massive success because, in this way, you can prove to yourself first what you are capable of achieving. Do not try to convince others wrong or show your abilities because, in time, all of that will happen on its own. Consider success instead, as the best alternative.

The Taste of Success is Sweet

To reach massive success, you need to fail countless times. You might need to fail more than a thousand times like Mister Stallone. And yes, after many failures and many years of pushing forward, success can genuinely feel like the best revenge and taste so sweet.

But, once you get there, and you reached the top, all of your hard work pays off. When you accomplish the apparently impossible, you can celebrate that triumph. However, you should set the bar higher and push harder to complete even more.

Massive Success is Possible

You have to believe in yourself. Know that you are capable of a whole lot of things, much of which you do not even realize until you try. Man in all his might has achieved improbable things that would shock most people of the past. Massive success is most certainly the best revenge when you finally accomplish your goals.

You then realize just what you can achieve when you put our minds to what you want, focusing on it and have an unstoppable persistence. Anything is possible as long as you put your heart and soul into what you desire and pursue it with every fiber of your being.

Success is Pushing through Fears

You cannot reach success without breaking through your fears. But those steps forward also take you out of your comfort zone and change you into a stronger person. Success is not only the best revenge but is also the power that pushes you beyond the fears that are holding you back.

The reason being is that to achieve anything that may endure; you have to overcome your fears. It also makes you reach more in-depth which is something that transforms and profoundly affects you.

Success is the Best Revenge

As you work in silence, your success makes the noise for you. Other people begin to talk about your achievements, and it spread at the speed of light. Success is indeed the best revenge because you do not even need to tell anyone about it.

Then the doubters and the haters hear the news, and they become upset. In fact, a lot of people do not like to see others succeed because it makes them unhappy. They see you, a person that they know or not, who can reach massive success while they were not able to do the same thing.

Your Success is Hope for Others

Once you reach success, you become a sign of hope for other people around you. They then realize that they can also achieve their dreams as long as they do not give up and persevere over the obstacles that are in their way.

Other people can use your success as an example of what is possible in life. Not only will it be an even better payback for you, but it will in turn also be the best revenge for them. Therefore, help them prove what is possible in life when you refuse to give up and push through.

I know there a lot of people in this world who have very little belief in themselves. I want to tell them that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. Just use the success of others as a roadmap to accomplish what seems unachievable to you. So remember: Massive success is the best revenge!

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