The Challenge of Challenges

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In any walk of life, we all are going to be challenged in some way shape or form. It is just something that can not be avoided. And this brings me to my challenge to you; find the why you are going through it, and look for the growth behind or outcome of it.

Why Are There Challenges Anyway?

For those of you who are old enough to remember, Edith Bunker was asked: "Why are there difficulties in life?" Her response was: "So we can tell the difference between good times and bad."

After I got done moaning over the simplicity of the line, I began to wonder why there are such moments in life. It took me decades to learn why. And to be honest, the answer had to be pointed out to me. Because at first, I figured that if life went on without challenges, we'd be bored out of our minds. True to a point. But that didn't change a lot of attitude or smarts for me. We have these moments of trials and tribulations because "someone" is trying to get out attention. There is a lesson in this moment of time where we are supposed to learn something and it more than likely has something to do with us or the path we are heading down. You better pay attention during moments of challenges. 

If you are heading down a path that is good and moral and still having a challenge or two, then there is a lesson you are going to learn about yourself. And what that lesson is is not for me to say. I'm not the one that is giving you the challenge.

What You Should Do

Your job is too look deep within yourself and ask; What lesson is here for me to learn? How am I to grow from this trial? Let's face it, life is all about growing and becomeing something better than you were before. Then head straight into that challenge and the answer will come to you. When you come out the other side, the feeling of accomplishment will be so fulfilling. You will relish in the new you. You will celebrate the new accomplishment. I have yet to see it fail any other way! You grow to be better from your hard knocks.

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