The Digital Flood and the New World (Part I)

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Out of the many stories that I read as a child growing up Episcopalian (which for me to explain the denomination to anyone unknown would phrase as, “Diet-Catholic”) was the story of Noah. The account of Noah was scribed thousands of years ago, and was carried in the religions of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, among others respectfully. With that said, I will now skip forward in time thousands of years to present-day. I will certainly come back to our biblical pal Noah later.

Recently, CEO/Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg made a commencement speech at his Alma Mater for Harvard University. To follow that true statement, let me also state the truth that I have not myself seen his speech, first-hand. I can tell you however that there is a lot of buzz/hearsay (perhaps mostly by Millennials) that he may be running for president in 2020. In his speech, he touched on the necessity of new job creation, but not in the manor that America is used to. 

Long story short; completely new jobs will come only after losing millions of old ones.

There is no doubt that if you have read a few of my past writings or many other writers for that matter, the world is taking an insurmountable change. Wars, religion and idealism aside, I am currently noting the labor and economic way of life. Simply, how are hundreds of millions (realistically billions) of people going to adapt to the incredible speed of the information so quickly?  If we cannot directly adapt to a new world, how are we to at least survive the inevitable wave that will create it?

Now let us go back to the story of Noah. Noah was a direct descendant of Seth, the third brother of Cain and Abel (Abel being the first ever victim of murder from his brother Cain, the first ever murderer…quite the unfortunate label for both, I’d say). Cain, Abel, and Seth were direct sons of Adam and Eve - the first humans of God’s creation. Notwithstanding my respect to my own upbringing and all religions,, I am recounting this story only out of the fact of its scripture, not the scripture of fact.

Long story short, Noah is messaged by God that the human race has become corrupt and unfixable for a prosperous New World: the carnivorous and lecherous habits of man bred only decadence, murder and debauchery. God warns Noah of an oncoming flood to set things anew.

It is safe to assume we know the story context from there. God instructs Noah to build a massive Ark that can house one male and female of every animal on earth, to survive the oncoming Apocalypse. Noah takes shelter with his wife, and his children Ham, Shem and Japheth, in the Ark and prepares for the flood.

So how does this biblical story relate to us? Noah had the advantage of God messaging him of the oncoming flood. He was tasked and burdened to save humanity, because humanity itself needed to change. We are definitely now in a world that is not only changing, but needing to. The digital economy is reshaping everything about how we live, think, and progress. Realistically, it is not catastrophic to see the millions of jobs that will be lost (in all respect to the blue collar world) when there is opportunity of millions more. This will literally require countless people to re-educate themselves and reshape their ways of life. Prepare for the flood.

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