The Meta-Cognition Of Rich People


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"You are recognized by your ability to manage the information. You are a transistor between information and knowledge. Therefore you create experience. "

Meta-cognition is the way of thinking that enables you to understand, analyze and control your cognitive processes. Especially when it comes about learning. Successful people have always used a different technique of meta-cognition when engaging in the learning process. It is the choice that makes all the difference at the conscious level resulting in what is called  the absolute perception of the external data.

Moving from Cognition to Meta-cognition

  Most of the people would keep an eye on "what they are learning" rather than "how they are learning". That makes all the difference. For instance let's suppose you have a hard task to finish by 4 p.m and you don't have enough information to complete the task. The way you write it is the way people will understand it. Because how you write it is frankly how people understand it. The most important thing in the learning process is how you think about "how are you going to learn it". It is like a shadow behind the learning flow in your brain. So let's put it straight. There are 3 components within the meta-cognition process:  

1.Meta-cognitive Knowledge


2.Meta-cognitive Regulation


3.Meta-cognitive Experiences


Meta-cognitive knowledge is the awareness that you as an individual know about yourself and your cognitive processes. For example, you are aware that you are looking at the screen of your laptop, mobile, tablet right now. This is a cognitive process.  

Meta-cognitive regulation means that you engage yourself in learning experiences and activities which help you develop your learning skills. It simply answers the question: How do you regulate your learning activity so that you can make full use of your learning skills? You might think that you prefer to sit on a chair rather than coach while working on your laptop because that is what makes you more comfortable and focused in the same time.

  Meta-cognitive experience is the background knowledge that has to do with the current, on-going cognitive operation. For instance, you ask yourself what do you know about you watching at the screen of your laptop, mobile, tablet?  Well, you know that you are looking straight at the screen, maybe your sit on a chair right now or on the coach. Additionally, you have a cup of coffee or tea nearby, or you have your headphones plugged in.   Last but not least, try to think about these five important questions that can start with "What" , "When", "Where" and "How" which express the meta-cognitive process in the best way possible.  

  • How do I feel?

  • How do I think?

  • How do I see?

  • How do I wonder?

  • How do I notice?

  Try to do this exercise whenever you are learning something. Whether you read a book, surf on the internet or preparing for an exam or work presentation you can make use of your meta-cognition skills. That is a subtle way to improve your life.   It's what rich people do. 

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