The Number One Mistake You Could Be Making

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There is a moment in our lives when something clicks in our minds that makes us aware of things we didn`t even think about before that moment, it`s like a flash of light filled with clarity above our heads, illuminating our minds. undefinedThe most impactful mistake we can make in life, in my opinion, is follow the popular thinking and I was one of those who thought that going by everybody else`s ideas would be the right choice to make... let me tell you, it didn`t work out. I consider that the popular thinking is the recipe to average or below average results, the ideas preached by society that you need to go to college, be a doctor, a lawyer or have a good job, save your money for retirement, buy a house, don`t stand out, work hard and climb your way up in your company... I used to think like this and failed miserably, I was never happy with any job I had, never feeling fulfilled until I realized that I hated to be average, I wanted to stand out but the programming in my mind wouldn`t let me do so.

It`s not easy when you decide to be different, to be better, to have bigger goals than everybody else, you`ll start to get criticized, be pushed to the side, people start to hate that... doesn`t mean they hate you, it means that they hate the fact that you had the courage to be different while they still get stuck in the rut. Honestly, abandoning the popular thinking was the best decision of my life... I felt free, with my own convictions, personality and goals, I felt good, almost unstoppable!

undefinedReally... there are limits to what you can achieve in life, I disagree when people say that the sky is the limit, you are the limit, we make our own roadblocks, our excuses to not be who we want to be, it`s easy to follow the herd, the popular, it`s a comfortable place to be in, but nobody ever achieved something great without leaving the comfort zone.

I can write my words, you`ll never achieve massive success in life and have everything you want to have, your dream lifestyle without adopting the popular thinking... the best way to succeed is to look at where everybody else is running and run in the opposite direction.

Remember... think big, be the leader and stand out!

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