The "Other side" of blogging

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Blogging in general is a great idea for anyone who becaomes aware of their inspiration and decides to share valuable information with the world around. 

The "Other side" of blogging is not something bad or unethical. Contrary to this popular belief, blogging is a body which contains two main course of action: 

1.The Offered Value
2.The Returned Value 

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1. The Offered Value

Have you heard before that "The content is the king" ?

Well, that is very true.

The value of your blog is firstly given by your content which is the exact value that you offer to your readers. Value means "the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something." When your content is usefull it can teach, help and educate your readers in the most efficient way, therefore it becomes valuable.

What you write down must worth to be read.

If there are contents which have a low level of quality then the readers will not pay attention to the text. Where there is no good information, there is no value attraction. Additionally, a bad content will drive people out of your website in no time. This results in destroying the integrity of your words.

However, there is one thing that all readers are looking for: good content. The higher level of good content the more likely to see the readers hanging out on your platform. If you open a table with good fruits people will come and feast upon your content.

Beware! You cannot serve meat to the sheep and grass to the lion.  

There are so many bloggers on the market who serve the right food to the wrong group of people. Other bloggers serve the right food to the wrong people. There is no need for you to be there.

The method to avoid these "out of line" mistakes is simply to know your market. You have to know who are your readers. What do they do, what do they need to read?What do they like to read? 

In this way you will deliver the right information to the right people.

"When you offer grass to the sheep and meat to the lion, you can stop the violence by making a better world."

2.The Returned Value

Do you know what is all about this "Returned value"

It comes back to you only after you offered the value.

This stage in blogging is something more or less hard for the blogger because most of the time the whole process depends on the client. When your reader becomes your client, it means the he or she decided to receive more high level value from you in exchange of his or her credit. As a result he or she will buy a premium product from you.

The credit of your client refers to the aknowledgement of your reader.

You can have your reader's aproval for buying a premium product, when your reader is confident in you, is paying attention to you constantly and understands why your content is distinct from other contents.

How was the last time when your readers noticed your valuable content ?

Share with us your achivements! 

Your comment can help other readers as well :) 

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