The Pillars of Wealth Creation

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I`m using a book called "The Millionaire Booklet" to explain the 8 pillars or fundamentals for anyone to create wealth.
This is not based on my experience or past accomplishments, those are concepts proven by the New York Times best-selling author, sales master, and investor, Grant Cardone.

Grant is assisted by his experience to explain that becoming wealthy is not a fantasy, the possibility is out there, anyone can do it, but schools and colleges don`t teach you how to do it.

He states the importance of knowing very well, where do you get your advice from, there are a lot of people who give their opinion about money, but most of those opinions can be quite deceiving.

Learning from who already created real success is the way to go. I will share the 8 steps that can be found in the book. 


#1 The Millionaire Decision

We know that the right mindset can play a huge role in what we can become in the future, so Grant emphasizes the importance of someone making the decision to become rich because it`s a choice and this is the first step to your financial freedom.

#2 Do the Math

Do you know how much money you need to make to become a millionaire? It`s a matter doing the math to create possibility and then aligning the strategy.

Let`s say you can find 500 people who can pay you $167 per month for 12 months or be earning $114 per hour, every hour of the year, those are some of the ways that the author explains to bank a $1 000 000.

#3 Increase income

Increasing your income is a big deal if you want to start creating wealth. Someone who is earning 50k a year could increase his earnings by knowing how to become more valuable in the work he is in right now by acquiring new skills, for example.

#4 Going after the money

The fact is that if we spend most of our time hanging out with broke people, eventually we are gonna become broke too. Being around those kinds of people won`t help you much finding the ones who have the money to give you.

#5 Stay Broke

Grant Cardone shares the idea of being broke while keeping the highest percentage possible of the salary in order to invest for the future, not spending the money on the wrong things, like partying or cars.


#6 Save only to Invest

This is where most people shoot in their own foot, saving to save only gets you poorer, if becoming wealthy is your priority the best thing to do with the money you earn is to save it to multiply.

#7 Multiple Flows

Financial freedom is achievable, but you need to understand that you are not gonna get there, depending only on one source of income. Imagine if that one source gets shut down... now what? That`s why most rich people end up bankrupt.

#8 Repeat, reinforce and stay focus 

These steps are a formula created by Grant, it`s a cycle and it`s crucial that someone who takes his financial freedom seriously can invest in himself to approach every cycle with the maximum knowledge as possible.

The book is available for free, you only need to pay for the shipping, at
I gave you a brief overview of what it takes to conquer the financial freedom you desire, the book explains in detail what anyone can start doing today to change his future.

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