The power of an online business

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My journey as an entrepreneur started in 2014, where I opened my first business after being an employee for 10 years.

I was never happy in my job, and finally, I found a way out of my comfort zone and quit to build my own business and be my own boss. 

The business was based on my passion for tech - a 3D printing service and consulting business - pretty cutting edge just a few years back and it was a lot of fun :) I had some great experiences and met some cool people along the way. 

I had invested in two 3D printers, so I figured that I might as well meet and help people print stuff and consult with people and businesses that wanted to implement 3D printing. 

It just didn't scale!

I love my business and it started off great, but I quickly realized that it didn't scale. I spent to much time and made too little money. 3D printing stuff for people is fun, but takes a long time and can be pretty tricky and time-consuming. 

I spent to much time and made too little money. 3D printing stuff for people is fun, but the tech is not developed and it takes a long time and can be pretty tricky. 

So I decided to limit my time in my 3D printing business and focus on building a purely online based business with a great opportunity to scale. In the process, I'd learn about digital business development, marketing etc. which I could use for future business opportunities.

I did a lot of research, dived in and built a couple of businesses. I invested in the proper education and mentorship, which was priceless and cut years off the process. Here are some of the amazing advantages connected to having an online business. 

Here are some of the amazing advantages of having an online business. 

Online business scales

1. It's not expensive to start an online business

You can start as an affiliate or by blogging. You can do that and provide value for free and you don't have to quit your day job to make a decent start. Many people in my network started like this and a fair amount of them were able to eventually hit their day job salary and quit.  

2. Marketing is free 

You can take advantage of free marketing opportunities such as blogging or social media. Many online business owners begin here if they don't have a marketing budget. When you get some traction and start making money, I would recommend switching to paid marketing strategies, as your business will scale a lot faster. 

Though, as a start, free strategies are great to get to know the market place and learn what works and what doesn't in your market. 

3. Scalable 

If you keep reinvesting your earnings into your business, for example by using your profit to run paid ads, the scalability potential is huge.

5. No borders to online business 

You can literally work from anywhere if you have a laptop and an internet connection. I wrote about that in this blog post

4. You can sell while you sleep 

Many online business owners put their phones in silent mode during the night so that they don't lose sleep when notifications about new sales tick in.

You can hit many sales overseas while you sleep if you automate your marketing and sales. You can use all kind of software to do this, like AWeber which is an easy and cheap solution to automate your emails. 

Happy selling :)

If you're thinking about starting your own online business in 2017, I'd love to show you the system and educational platform that I joined to get started. It's the perfect place to start an online business starting from scratch.

You can start this process while still working in your 9-5. All you need is a laptop with an internet connection, a dedicated work ethic, the ability to follow direction and some patience, as nothing worth building happens overnight.

If you're interested, just click this link to sign up for a FREE video series that teaches you how to start building an online business that has that potential to scale insanely and (most importantly) makes you happy and fulfilled :) 


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