The Power of Words in Advertising

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Words cannot only influence the minds of people but can completely change their perception about a particular thing. Words have the power to entice and motivate.

New or improved words create a sense of curiosity. Customers get the impression that a particular product is different from others and tries to get it before anyone else does.

For example, the line ‘money back guarantee’ include powerful words that help to gain trust. It is also known as a satisfaction guarantee, is essentially a simple guarantee that, if a buyer is not satisfied with a product or service, a refund will be made. It is very important to include these words in an advertisement because it helps to generate more leads or convert prospects.

Most of the successful advertisements have information that generates curiosity within the reader. People are knowledge thirsty, they want to know what others do not know. They think that there is some vital information they are missing because of which they haven’t gained success in what they are striving for.

– Free, Opportunity & Power

FREE. When something is genuinely free, a consumer will sit up and take notice. However, often the word is followed by the dreaded asterisk that leads the consumer to fine print that reads, “free trial.” However, free samples, free shipping, free returns, buy-one-get-one-free, and other truly free offers make this word a consistent power player in advertising,

OPPORTUNITY. Chances are that your target audience has some kind of goal that they’d like to reach. Give your customers the opportunity they’ve been looking for, whether it’s a career opportunity or the opportunity to relax, according to

Words also have great impact in the social media context. If a company truly manages social correctly and mines the data for trends via social intelligence analysis, what they would find are great differences in their customer mindset, purchase strategy, message associations and ultimately needs. This learning can translate into applied strategies in Customer Service, TV, Print, Outdoor, Event and Digital Media channels to further connect with customers in a way – and in words – the customer wants and expects from the business, instead of what the business thinks the customer wants, according to

POWER in itself is a persuasive word. Give that power to the consumer and see the magic. This gives the consumer a feeling that s/he can get possession of something that he lacked till now and this could make him achieve the impossible.

The basis of a successful advertisement is to understand the consumer’s needs and then design the advertisement accordingly. Just stating the advantages of using the product or service of the company isn’t enough. A sentence should be designed in such a way that the customer sees the benefits s/he might get in buying the product of service. For example, when advertising for a digital camera, just stating that the inbuilt memory of the camera is 1 GB, won’t do the trick. Instead, the sentence should be changed to enough memory to store 500 pictures or 50 videos. The solution to the problem of the customer is reflected in this sentence.

Ideas can be taken from advertisements of other similar brands like how the sentences are written and placed in an advertisement. After the sentence framing, adding power words to spice up the advertisement will definitely make a winning ad campaign.

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