The Secret Marketing Shortcut To Accelerate Your Business

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Traffic temperature

The biggest secret to insane marketing results is to meet your potential customers exactly where they are. 

When I first started marketing online, I wondered why some people responded to one marketing message, and others didn't.

Then I heard marketers like Russel Brunson (the founder of ClickFunnels) talk about traffic temperature.

This changed my thinking about targeting my audience, and today I'll share this strategy to laser target your marketing messages! 

I know that the term 'traffic temperature' doesn't sound sexy, but hang on and I'll show you how to market and sell successfully to different groups.


Cold traffic consists of people who are aware of the problem that they have, but they don't know the type of solution that can help them.

Their main focus is on their problem and how they can escape their pain. 

They aren't looking for advanced solutions and they certainly are not ready to hear a lot of details about what you're offering. 

They're looking for a way to fix their problem fast!

So everything with quick/immediate/magic/instant would catch their attention:

Loose fat quick, get rich quick, earn your first dollar instantly...

Here is an example of a cold headling:

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'Warm' people know that they have a specific problem and they are aware of the type of solution you are offering. 

They have never BOUGHT from your solution category so they are doing research to find the best solution out there.

In other words, they understand the value of the solution, but they have never tried it out. 

The warm audience wants to be assured that your product or service is the best way to fix their problem. 

Opposed to the cold audience, the warm audience wants to spend some time learning and implementing what they learned and they are generally more patient that people from the cold traffic group.

Here is an example: 

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The 'hot' audience knows about you and your product. People in this category are experienced in your field.

They generally: 

1. Know that they have a problem

2. Know your type of solution

3. Have experience with the type of solution

They have already bought, used and tested your type of product or service, but many of them have failed and are frustrated. 

So they are looking for proven and unique solutions to the problems and pains that they are aware of and have already tried to fix.

They also have a deeper understanding of their problem. They don't only want to lose weight, but they are aware of the different weight loss programs and they know all about nutrition etc.

So when you market and sell to them, you'll have to associate their pain with your unique solution and process of getting them from A to B.

Here's an example from the affiliate marketing niche:

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So there you are! I hope that you found the distinction between cold, warm and hot traffic valuable and that you can apply it in your own marketing and laser target those groups.


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