The SFM Affiliate Marketing Products

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The SFM affiliate marketing products belong to the rising competition of the business world online that has inevitably forced a majority of organisations to turn to towards e-commerce. Nowadays almost every other business has an online store.

This has created the need for efficient online marketing. In the world of business, the competition always comes down to how much you are selling and the amount of customers you have.

Consumers all over the world are increasingly making use of online stores as our lives are becoming busier and it is hard to take time out to visit malls on short notice. Today, many companies provide the service of online marketing.

The services are usually tools, software or programs that help employers gain online marketing success. One such company is Six Figure Mentors (SFM). Following are the SFM affiliate marketing products – The tools and services of the trade:

SFM Affiliate Marketing Products Program

Affiliate programs are counted per hundreds online, each offering something or another, but the difference with Six Figure Mentors is that your revenue is a monthly recurrence through subscriptions creating a passive income and that no matter what your customers buy after their first purchase.

You still get a commission from the products they bought, and in addition, your clients are yours forever, even if you decide to leave.


YourTubePlayer software is an easy generator that helps you tailors embed codes from a YouTube video ID or URL with possibilities as auto playing, hiding controls, looping, or eliminating related videos and much more.

As soon as you have chosen your video selections, this device then creates a completely new version of your YouTube embed code ready to place on your site.

DBL – Digital Business Lounge

DBL is the SFM affiliate marketing product that is your very user-friendly tool that can be used to develop websites or blogs without much effort.

Moreover, it has all the tools for your online marketing available in one package. You do not have to download or install anything and no additional product is needed to support DBL.

It is a great tool that has an easy to use interface and you have some amazing features which are available within one click.

Graphix Creator

Many online businesses are offering digital products to their customers. These products can include ebooks, brochures or newsletters, and in doing so, digital products do not need to boring and should have as attractive covers as any tangible product.

Graphix Creator is a tool that will help you make elegant covers for any of your digital products. It features a user-friendly interface and covers take as less time as five minutes to create.

Simple Lead Capture

Online lead generation is an essential marketing function nowadays. Lead generation is all about capturing the attention of the visitor to your website and increase potential customers.

The best way to attract the attention of the potential customer is to have a website with the power to ignite curiosity.

Simple Lead Capture lets you create an efficient page without any need for coding or designing. It is a professional tool that is also simple to use and provides you with an easy procedure to create a live and ready to market lead capture page.

Simple Trakk

You cannot improve your marketing function if you do not record the results of your previous marketing efforts.

Simple Trakk is software that provides you with split tests and complete funnel tracking functions. There is no more need for any technical setup with this software.


TidyURL is a free tool which allows you to effortlessly save, arrange and also share your personal links from around the web, which are called Shortlinks.

Once you sign up for a free account, you are able to manage and organize all your links with custom list of options.

Then to save these links, you do have the choice of a specific custom menu for future reference. All of the links that are saved are available at any time through their custom menu placed in your dashboard when you are logged in.                         

Live Support

SFM live support is not only one but a multiple live support that brings you help with any questions through groups divided by current stages - Basic to Mastermind , so that you always belong to a group at your level of learning.

Most of these groups are in the SFM community lounge and on Facebook. Then, of course, you have all the other supports, each related to their own like the Back office, DBL, Direct Messaging, Webinars, as well as The Momentum days where you meet everyone live as SFM is a big family with traditions.

So in the end, all of these supports are interconnected! Six Figure Mentors community is absolutely the most remarkable group of people to be around! The support and love they give to their members is really a thing you should see, experience and believe!

Read one of my previous posts “Six Figure Mentors Review” for more details.                                                                                                                         Six Figure Mentors does not only provide amazing online marketing tools but their comprehensive service features also training, personal system consultant, webinars, a system support team and live events. SFM offers some great membership packages.

Online business can generate a significant amount of profit if you have the right marketing tools within your reach.

The SFM marketing products are dedicated to enhancing your online business experience and help you optimise the online marketing function by offering a combination of tools and expertise. To see all the Products above in details, click on the link below.

The FREE material I introduce you to now will benefit you more than a tutorial somewhere else, because this material has been tested, over and over, and the benefit is that the content is “REAL” and it works.


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