The Success Formula

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Do you want to Succeed? Be happy? Wealthy? Live a life you enjoy and love?

Then let's be real for a moment. If you haven't achieved any of the above, can we both agree that there are certain traits, beliefs, and mindsets that you are failing to adopt? Specific frequencies that you are not aligned with that could bring about all the things into your life?

Sure, right now, as you are, there are a million and one reasons why you aren't living the life you love, doing what you love, succeeding, etc. But the truth is the truth. You aren't.

But just because you aren't, doesn't mean you can't. You just haven't aligned yourself to those frequencies. You haven't aligned your mind and beliefs to expand into that which you want to attract into your life.

The Success Formula is essential if you want to create a life you love:

1) Commitment
Commit to a happy life doing something you love in the world. If you don't commit, then nothing will happen. Commitment means that No Matter What, you will keep at it! There are no caveats, or excusues, you keep going and don't stop until you have attained that which you have set out to achieve.

2) Meditation
If you want to change any part of your life, then meditation is a must. And I'm not talking about any meditation. I'm talking about life-changing transformative meditation, one that when done over a period of time will forge a solid foundation of stability and contentedness in you.


3) Daily Gratitude
Gratitude is the signature for "thank you!" When you do daily, heartfelt gratitude, you are sending a signature into the quantum field that you are NOT in lack but in wholeness, and that it is already a part of you. You are simply aligning with it and bringing it toward you. This is best done straight after your meditation.

4) No Excuses
From this moment on drop all excuses, justifications, and reasons why you haven't achieved what you wanted to achieve. Forever! Excuses are simply explanations as to why you are where you are. All they do is keep you there! Stuck, and powerless! Drop them once and for all.

5) Get Help
The most successful people on the planet are constantly learning and growing. You see if you were so capable of succeeding on your own, you would have. Getting help means that you are willing to see that which you cannot see for yourself. See the beliefs, patterns, and traits you have adopted that keep you where you are.

6) Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People/Community
People who are ahead of you, or who are on a similar journey can assist you in many ways, particularly when the going gets tough. It's during these times when you most need support on your journey.

7) Embrace Failure
Be willing to fail. Most inventions and breakthroughs happened either by accident or when someone failed! Failure is essential in your process because usually, it means stepping outside of your comfort zone and what you already know! If what you already knew worked you'd be successful, right! So get out there and fail!

8) Let Go
Let go of all expectations. This doesn't mean letting go of your intentions; it simply means that once you have stated your intention, you let go of HOW you believe it should manifest. It could happen in a million different ways! We don't know! And letting go signifies that you TRUST in something bigger than you, while simultaneously creating the space for receiving.

9) Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
When you are in your comfort zone, your energy drops, you become complacent, and you stop moving forward. Being in a comfort zone can also mean you are afraid of stepping up and into something you love. It is particularly imperative that you step out of your comfort zone in this situation because your fear is what is keeping you stuck, stopping you from moving forward.

No one can live a happy life for you. Only you can.

And I believe you can.

-Sotir Ivanovski

Photos By: Shamim Nakhai, Giulia Bertelli.