The Sunday Night Cure

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Dear Valued Followers & Readers,

Alot of us out there are stuck in jobs that we may not be necessarily passionate about. We as Employees go to bed on Sunday nights filled with anxiety and fear about the work week that lies ahead. Then we rock up to work each day hanging out for Fridays and the Weekends. Do you ever stop and think how much time we waste in between (e.g. Monday to Thursday) just going through the motions and accepting this is all life has to offer us?

We're all much better than this and deserve so much more as individuals out of life! Time is our biggest enemy; let’s all try to use it as wisely as we possibly can.

Yes, we may not be totally passionate about what we do for a living at present, however the aim of this post is to emphasize the importance of being grateful today, especially while you're on your mission to find & build your optimal life!

With this in mind, our Sunday night cure for you all is: "Live your Mondays as if it is the last Monday you will ever live". Now think about this for a second.......if you knew that tomorrow would be the last Monday you would ever live, how would you feel on the Sunday night prior? It’s simply amazing when you choose to look at things through a different lens & from a deeper perspective, how your mindset can shift to help you live a more meaningful and purposeful life.

So, instead of watching TV on Sunday nights and lying down feeling anxious about the mountain of work that awaits us tomorrow the ‘Entrepreneur Mob’ are choosing to master the skills of internet marketing knowing that one day these new skills will allow us to escape the status quo and the common 9am – 5pm regime. This is the vehicle we have chosen to put our faith into and you all have the option to do the same if you feel it might be something you are interested in aswell. Feel free to learn more about what we're into here and don't be afraid to come along on this journey with us: 

Like always, we hope we have added more value to your life today!

Yours Faithfully,

Entrepreneur Mob:)

P.S. never give up, stay hungry, stay intense, stay driven, stay on path & think of the future of business!!!!

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