The Team

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We all know that the economy is heading south in this country. We are all struggling to make the money we are making now stretch farther. Education is outragous and the general cost of living is rediculous. 

Where I Am

I'll keep this brief. I have started many businesses over the paast twenty years. Failed at every one of them. And I would ask myself: "Why?" Honestly after looking at it from every angle I could I had only one answer to give; I had no idea what I was doing. Thought I did. How hard could it be selling photos on line? How difficult could it be selling vitamins on line? After working these two businesses for a year each, I gave up and sort of gave up on the whole idea all together. 

The Team

That being pointed out, for some reason I kept having the idea of getting into affiliate marketing. I found an ad that promoted just that--affiliate marketing. Who needed to listen to the entire ad when I was thinking about it for a couple weeks? What attracted me was that Stuart Ross talked about a team that was in place to assist anyone who needed assistance. 

I ask you; what could be better? But that is exactly what is here for anyone who wants to make improvements with their lives. 

I knew nothing about affiliate marketing some months ago. After going through the education offered, things are becoming so clear to me as to how to do it. 

The Training

Most of the training is done in webinars. But to begin with videos are offered to give you the basics. Simple to follow and a group of experts (who is a part of the team) to answer any questions that come up as to go through the original training. 

All the while you are going through the training, you are probably going to want to go to the webinars to keep you attitude up. Here you meet both the Team and other people who are in the same boat you're in. And everyone is there to learn or hone skills. Attitude is everything. The Wake Up Call is a phonominal webinar that gives everyone a boost if you're feeling down. Master Minds are given at different times during the week. 


To get more involved with the entreprenuers, we have meetings of different levels around the world. But those are choices we make to attent personally. So, if you want a glance of a different country, take a few days or a week or two and see what is in a foreign country. Again, the Team is always showing up at these events. 

Have You Heard?

The traditional 9-5 jobs are not giving us what we want out of life. I'm sure you've noticed that. Getting a good education and a good job just doesn't exist any more. Even the brick and morter stores are changing to the point of extingtion over the next 10-15 years. Thgey will be not much more than showcases. Everything is going to be sold online. 

Why not get your hands into this idea now? Most people get to a point to where they leave their jobs and do this on a part time basis. Are you looking for that?

If you are, please click the link below and look at with the posibilities are. No one is guaranteeing you anything. But if this is for you, I hope to meet you soon.

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