The Top 10 Benefits of doing video marketing / 90 day video challenge

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The Top 10 Benefits of doing video marketing / 90 day video challenge

Did you know video content is now the most consumed content online?

Did you know that the quickest way to get your message out there is to get comfortable on camera?

In this short blog, I'll share why I chose to jump both feet in to a 90 day video challenge in my business and I why I think you should too regardless of if you are brand new or been in business for several years.


The first benefit of doing a video challenge in the reach that it allows you. Because video is the most consumed content now on line. Creating a video and uploading to different social media channels such as youtube or facebook and allowing it to be public content will far extend your reach in a shorter period of time than any other post. Here are some interesting facts you may not know about youtube:


Now, your video may not be an instant hit yet if you get consistent about creating content of value in your market with such a tool as a 90 day video challenge you are sure to attract people that you may never have met going out to your local meetup/ networking event.

2)Building competence of delivering value visually

Do you agree that we have become a microwave society, in the sense that people like to get results quicker? Get the key points in an easily consumable format and short and sweet?

That's why video marketing is so valuable and for you in particular why a 90 day video challenge is a valuable endeavour as you will be building the competence to meet that need of delivering value in bit size quickly absorbable value chunks that your target audience will grow to appreciate.

3)Leaves a permanent footprint/ lead magnetundefined

Once you do your video once and post it on several social media sites, it's there as a permenant lead magnet until you put it down. You can include necessary referral links for customers to connect with you in the description of the video and you will see a higher clickthrough rate than with normal text blogging. Also you could repurpose a video on youtube by including it in your emails and again increasing your conversions.

4)Confidence booster

When you create a great piece of art of work, do you feel good about it? Imagine how you would feel even just 10 days into consistently creating video. Maybe your first video wasn't so good yet with each video you are learning and getting better and with that comes more confidence in yourself to really deliver your message. At this stage now, I actually enjoy watching my video over and sometime watch them on a day when I need a confidence boost. Something to consider.

5) Quick to complete as opposed to typing/ blogging

Compared to the traditional blogging where you have to type content, you can literally think of a topic, draft a rough outline and then pull out your phone and record and be complete your content in a matter of minutes. Meaning you are actually delivering more value with less time invested on your part.

6) Getting comfortable with your image

One of the issues we often face as new business people is how people will perceive us. We have self doubts and may focus on the flaws of your body and image. With the consistency of going infront of a camera and projecting your image to others, you get more comfortable with your voice, your face and your body the more you see it on camera.

7)Finding your voice

People do business with people they like and trust and they like and trust not the business that you are selling but you as a person what do you stand for. In doing these videos consistently, it pushes you to truly find and share what you stand for on several topics and in doing so, attract like minded people who then are interested in learning more about how you can help them with your services or products. To me this is a key benefit of the top 10 benefits of doing video marketing/90 day video challenge because at the end of the people really pay for the value or insights you bring on a topic/ product or service and not that product/service itself.


8)Building your consistency muscle

To get results with anything it's about being consistent. In signing up and keeping your word with a daily video post over 90 days you build that consistency life skill that can be transferable to any new skill that you want to learn and can then 10X your success throughout life. Committing and keeping your word and becoming consistent in anything sets you apart from many others and gets you in the top 10% of almost any field. Be a finisher. Make your word law.

9)Create a following because people get to know you, mannerisms, thoughts

So you may not get many views in the first 30 days and perhaps throughout the entire 90 days yet those videos as mentioned above are permanent lead magnets and then you have also created that confidence and skill and hopefully throughout the journey your methods have improved not only visually but also titles and descriptions to draw the audience you desire and that audience becomes your following becomes your tribe of like minded people.

10) Accessible to everyone with a smart phone and or computer

Almost anyone can now have access to a smart phone or computer be it through a public service such as a library or school or be it through personal use. So what's stopping you? With the access to technology in your hands, there is low barrier to access and success.

So your thoughts? I welcome your comments and feedback yet I really want to know, will you be joining me in a 90 day video challenge?

I hope the answer is Yes, I hope you take advantage of these Top 10 benefits of doing video marketing / 90 day video challenge.

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