The Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

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The Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur:  Practical and real life tips for obtaining the qualities of a successful entrepreneur

(Okay, there's actually 8... I just doubled up to make it easier to read and achieve....Your welcome :))

Do you sometimes daydream of having the time and financial freedom to create an opulent and fulfilling life?

For most of us, we plan and start a business in attempt to realize our ultimate dreams, pursue our passions, and secure a future for our family. This may sound like an ideal purpose, but unfortunately that motivation alone doesn't give you the assurance of a successful business.  You will require a compelling purpose AND a brilliant idea that will solve a problem for people.

Surely, everyone has had a brilliant idea at one point or another but do you have the qualities of a successful entrepreneur that can see your idea to fruition? 

What separates one good idea from another is the individual's intestinal fortitude (guts!) to takes calculated risks and make it happen.  

But even with a brilliant idea, the right motivation, and a high risk tolerance, there are a few other winning characteristics that every successful entrepreneur possesses.

Top 5 Qualities of an Entrepreneur

1)  A 'Whatever it Takes' Attitude:  

“I am not afraid to fail, and commit mistakes.”

                             – Idris Alba (actor, DJ, musician, producer, philanthropist)

Having the courage to be decisive and willing to risk failure is one key component for achieving success.  Overthinking the possible negative outcomes will likely stop you from exploring and executing your business plan as well as unexpected opportunities that present themselves along the way.

Be courageous.  Take that first step toward realizing your dream. Every single step lessens the distance to your destination.

Spanx founder Sara Blakely did not become a billionaire overnight. She admitted that a lot of housewives must have had the same idea as hers.

But what makes Blakely triumphant?

Blakely put the idea into action while anyone else with a similar idea sat back. She may not be first the person to have that same idea, but she was the only one who decided that, whatever it takes, she would make it happen!

2)  Self-Awareness and Self-discipline

“Practicing in secret is a fool’s game.”

- Simon and Gary (playwright, University lecturer)

Apple Inc.’s success can be credited to one of its founder Steve Jobs.

In the early days of Jobs, he was a terrible public speaker. But he never shied away from giving speeches. He was criticized by his colleagues and the media. With his determination, despite  experiencing a lot of humiliation, he made his Apple - a leading tech company around the world up to this day, and provided jobs for thousands of people.

Learn from mistakes. Never be afraid of the failures. There has never been an invention that didn't suffer breakdown, mistakes, and even failure before achieving success.

3)  Persistency and Consistency

“Understanding your weaknesses and strengths… Suffering is always involved in facing your breakpoint.”

–Moran Cerf (financial expert, motivational speaker)

You've been bold.  You're committed to whatever it takes.  You're developing your self-awareness and self-discipline.  Now you've got to identify the income-producing activities and be consistent and persistent at it!

Too many people have an end goal in mind but get distracted by the little details of the journey.  Keep it simple.  Don't try to reinvent the wheel.  Pick an industry and focus on the activities that will lead to producing income.  Period.