Things I wish I had Learnt In School!

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I have had times when I really look back and wonder why some things were necessary to have taken our years just to get a piece of paper which I could have lived without. I am talking about school. 

I don't know about you but the kind of education I went through in Uganda was some sort of a sham. I mean we learnt things that up to today I don't know how they contribute to the future I once dreamt of. I wanted to be rich, independent and so forth.

I was given a curriculum that made me a slave, small thinker and mediocre who is scared to jump out and make things happen. I was made a puppet and not the master of my destiny. When I remember some of the things I learnt in high school I laugh.

Some of the funniest things I learnt were:-

  1. Geography of the whole country and Europe: okay let us give them the benefit of the doubt, but how does the geography of Manitoba help me here in this future that I am now living in? We had to hustle to learn how to draw the maps of Canada and many other states in the USA but for what reason really? I am not saying its totally not important but if we were to put things in terms of priority, I do not think this one would come up on top.
  2. Agriculture: not all of this agriculture was useless however I knew that I wanted to become a computer scientist by the time I was 17yrs. I was however forced to attend such lectures where we studied digestive systems of animals and their diseases. This is not serving me right now. I think I could have done something better with my time.
  3. All sorts of sciences: for example, I did chemistry on a compulsory level. I still wonder why.

Maybe I need a better explanation on how some of these systems were set up for us. I suppose if I had a chance to go back I would have done some things differently. I just feel like we were not told the full story of what real life is all about. 

We were put in a bubble and given wrong expectation on things we can and can't do when we do some of these things. It was made to look like once you are done with your education and passed with flying colours it was a done deal. Success was going to be resident with you wherever you go.

I beg to differ, I wish someone had told me you can get all As in class and then still struggle to get employed I wish someone would have given us the full picture of what to expect in the future so that we could have prepared with better expectations.

I have a list of things I wish I had learned when I was still young. I know it would have helped me so much in my current state. If not at least there should have been some sort of balance in the way material was presented.

Things I wish I was taught while still young in school:-

  1. Life is not linear: we grew up with this notion that life is a linear process. We go to school study, get a degree, get a job, work, marry, have kids who then take on the same linear process. Then retire and die. Yeah, that is pretty much a summary of what picture was painted in these school systems. Now I am no longer a child I know the truth, you can skip some of the things that make life so predictable like how they taught it. You can, for example, skip a lot of schooling, and still make it in life through other methods. It's not always straightforward.
  2. Education was to help expose you: they should have told us that education was not the way to success but a way to expose our brains to various ways of thinking. That once you found something you were passionate about then that would be a great start for your life. The education was, for example, to help you learn to communicate or calculate your time, investments and not to just get a job then fight to get on top of the career ladder.
  3. How to manage failure: managing failure is one thing I have learnt through the school of hardships. I have a better perspective of failure. The process of learning must have mistakes if there is going to be any learning made. However, the type of stigma that came with failure when we were in school was unnerving. You would silently be labelled the guy who is last in class. People would talk about you behind your back and to some extent refuse to be your friend. I wish failure was embraced as a way to success, failing doesn't mean you are stupid, but that you just did not understand some concepts and there was room to be better.
  4. Leadership mentality: I wish someone had told me that we are all born leaders and that I had to find what I was passionate about, create a vision and move towards that. I wish I was told that it was in my hands to choose the direction in which my life took in terms of success and not through one avenue which is a job. It would have made all the difference.

Here is the main point: I think some of the concepts that we were taught were not all the while necessary. They have not contributed to the future we talked about in any way thus far. We have seen variations of this future we used to dream of. You had all the degrees but doing Agric, you studied to be a doctor but you are a musician. How then was the precedence set accurate?

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Till later! Good luck.

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