Three Most Common Mistakes While Making Money Online

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We all want it; you want it; but is it possible? Making money online, a trap for many and a gold-rush for few. What’s the secret behind it and how you can avoid being on the side of the 80% who fail. Three most common mistakes while making money online!

If I could give you an already working absolute legal strategy of making money online, would you take it?

There are three main reasons why you’ll fail:

1.     Wanting Money Fast!

2.     Chasing unrealistic commissions!

3.     Blind trust

Let’s have a closer look at those points more detailed.


Wanting Money Fast

Most people and maybe you too, want to start an online business form scratch but only if it provides fast results. All that matters to you is to be able to by that brand new Ferrari in just a few months, can you show me how? Buying that mention at the beach with six bathrooms in under a year, can you tell me your secret? Having the newest cloth collection of Philip Plain in my wardrobe and party like a Rock-Star, can you show me some life hacks to reach that? NO!

There has to be time to learn new skills and working on your mind-set to be able to have that kind of lifestyle. Before you could walk, were you thinking about running? One step after the other! You have to have a successful daily routine before you can have a successful lifestyle. Your mind needs to be ready for this, and while developing yourself you can learn new skills to succeed in your business. Therefore you need time and exactly this time is something most people oversee. Get yourself ready first, before talking about money!

Chasing unrealistic commissions

“If you join our system you can easily earn 3600 Dollars in your first two months and after that even more!” I’m sure you’ve encountered offers in form of an ad or similar already, am I right? These so called “get rich fast scams” are the reason why so many people are afraid of the World-Wide-Web. Those kinds of systems are the most convincing ones and that’s why so many people have invested in them and tell now everyone that they have lost money online. Are you one of them too? I am!

Back in the days when I first got online, it was the first thing I encountered and it was fascinating me to be honest with you, for a short time. I’ve lost about 5’000. -  Dollars in few months. Counted to the 80% too. All I want to stress at this point is that people are getting to exited about those offers and you should have a realistic eye on it! Do not focus on the amount they offer, check how long they are already in business and what they offer in regards of experience, knowledge and coaching!

Blind trust

“I mean they are on the Internet, if they say it works, it will.”
If you take a piece of paper and a pen to your hand, you can write on it what you want, am I right? Same exact thing on the Internet. Have you ever read a newspaper? I bet you did but what have you read? The topics in bold? Most likely right? See, when we start learning things, we believe in books and this stays in our minds for all times. We automatically trust the written word because we were thought to.

When it comes down to choosing a possible opportunity online, we trust in things we think they are trustworthy. “Ah it seems this page looks really serious and professional, have you seen the great images and the well designed page and colors?” We just think we are smart and can decide on our own what’s good and what’s not but in reality we don’t have a clew. That’s why knowledge is so important as mentioned in the first point above. You need to educate yourself on the Internet and how you can create a specific opinion for a certain topic.


Don’t run behind money because it will run away form you, beautifully underlined by all the lottery winners who went bankrupt after a short time. Focus on learning new skills and go for knowledge, don’t let the money distract you. In addition you have to be aware that not everything that shines is actually gold. To close this properly here, have a look at my own example, just because you fail once it doesn’t mean that you’ve lost, it was just a way of finding out that it won’t work this way. 

Pleasure to share some insights with you.

Best, Mirco

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