Time is Precious: Redeem It

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Time is valuable

Time is of essence; it is one of the rarest and precious thing which when it is lost you can never get it back. If you want to know whether one is successful or not, look at how they are using their time. Time is a gift from God and it should be used wisely by spending it with your loved ones who are the people who matter most to you. 

Demystifying the 'Time is Money' mantra

In the recent past it was said, "Time is Money" but I want to say to you, "Time is Time" and "Money is Money". I believe that knowledge is progressive. Human beings are progressive beings and knowledge plays an important part to that progress. There was a time when it was considered  to be part of human progress to trade time for money. Everyone is in need of money, so to make a living it was based on one's ability to exchange their time for money. As a result, people were spending long hours in paid jobs, doing all kinds of shifts i.e 9-5 paid jobs, night shifts and even weekend jobs etc. If you didn't go to work, you were not paid. 

The "Time is Money" mantra became a reality whereby people were now going to extremes, in order to earn a living. What this meant was that individuals were now sacrificing their precious time with loved ones in pursuit of money. Rightly so to an extent, as they wanted to provide for their loved ones. Who doesn't want to provide for his or her family? However, the difficulty with that has been that the other important aspects to family life were sacrificed. 

Some breadwinners were spending lots of time in their chosen careers and missing important times/events like;

  • Birth of their child
  • Birthday of their child
  • Child's first day at school
  • Your grandchild's first birthday or christening
  • Family member's wedding
  • Graduation of a loved one
  • Your wedding anniversary
  • Spending quality times with loves ones
  • Taking your child to the park and for activities
  • Seeing your children grow and bonding with them
  • Not getting times for rest and recreation with loved oned
  • Not pursuing your goal or developing your talent and passion

What is mentioned above are some of the obvious things that one can miss when they are trading their time for money. It is even more complicated when one is in a career which is very demanding, to such an extent that they are always tired to enjoy evening times at home after work. It is a sad reality for one to come back home to find their little child already asleep. This means they would have already missed an opportunity to read a bed-time story for their child.  Thus, what should be a normal part of family life and parenthood would have been disrupted because of trading time for money. It means that when you are always not available because of being at work or in a traditional business, you are technically trading your time for money.

Redeem your time by Starting a Digital business

Now, here is the solution! It's called online or digital entreprenuership. When you learn the skills and apply those skills to do a business online, it means that you can now be able to operate your business from anywhere in the world anytime, such that you can make money even while you are asleep. This is freedom which enables you to spend quality times with loved ones and being involved in them, without worrying about money. This is a better way of redeeming your time so that you can do other things that interest you. Thankfully, the Internet has given us this platform whereby you can easily make money online and free yourself for other important aspects of your life. No longer needing to trade your precious time for money doing what you don't like. FREE YOURSELF!


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