Time management mini-series (it's not Dynasty).

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Managing your time well is key to getting the results you want.  Over the next five days I will be sharing tips and videos that I hope will help you too.

I have never been particularly good at time management in the past but recently I have become an eensy-weensy bit obsessed with it.  You see, I am starting to run my own business and I need to be good at it.  In the past, I would rush into a task with a sense of urgency, and while enthusiasm is great, when you have no plan it can go kind of.. well... wrong.

The benefits of planning

A few weeks ago I started to really plan my working week, and it is making all the difference.  I've noticed that I'm making decisions faster, I feel calmer, more productive (and ever so slightly smug...).  Now, I may still have a way to go until I am a pro, but I want to share with you over the next five days a series of videos that will contain some tips that I am finding useful.

Learning from the experts

I am still in the learning stages of this new hobby of mine, and I have been reading and listening to an array of books on the subject.  I never expected to enjoy this 'new' concept - I am a creative type and I thought it sounded a bit businessy and boring.  Well, it is businessy - and that is a good thing, seeing as I'm running a business n'all - but it is definitely not boring.  The experts actually make it sound like fun.  How wrong I was!

Time management tip 1 - Getting it out of your head

No, not getting out of your head... Getting it out of your head.  Honestly!  Here is video 1 in the series...  

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