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Traffic to your blog – Blogging is a very effective way to promote your website or brand, making your presence felt on the web, promoting engagement and eventually generating leads.

Driving Traffic to Your Blog With Misheck Moyo

 It is all about generating leads and having an email list of prospective buyers of your products. You will then use some email marketing strategies to convert these prospects into customers. Your blog needs to reach its targeted audience, and this is attained by sending traffic to your blog.

What is sending Traffic to Your Blog?

Sending traffic to your blog is making your blog reach its intended audience so that they can read your message and get some value which resonates with them. The value then compels and motivates the readers to seek for more, enticing them to opt into your call to action button for some more value which eventually results in you generating leads.

Simple Ways of Sending Traffic to Your Blog

Social media posting and bookmarking

Sign up to various social media sites and share everything you do and will be blown away by some stuff you share going viral. Write about things which people like discussing, start debates and discussions. All these activities drive traffic to your blog, get more people coming liking, sharing and following your content.

Distributing your blogs to different Blogging sites

There are a lot of platforms where you can post your blog post and get it to the people. Some of these platforms are free while others give you both options of a monthly payment plan and a free option plan after signing up. Find some below which I have used and found useful.





Value driven content

Quality content is the key, a well-written content which people are interested in reading stands out. You need to come out with some value, teach people how to do something and explain how to do some things. Answer your frequently asked questions; provide information on what readers are thinking. Think of questions which people are searching on Google, find out answers and solutions then write content focused on the answers and provide value to your audience.

Consistent blog posting

Blogging quality content consistently enables you to generate regular readers who end up developing trust on you and knowing you more. Ideally blogging daily is most appropriate but could sometimes be a daunting task. At the very least releasing four new quality content per month of at least 500 to1 000 words is most ideal. The more stuff you post, the more readers you bring, and the more you succeed in sending traffic to your blog.  

Wishing you all the best in your efforts of sending massive traffic to your blog.

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