Trending Hashtags on Twitter

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Promote your brand with Twitter

By combining the right hashtags, you can promote your brand on Twitter.  First of all, a hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic on various social media.  


For instance, in the above tweet, I wanted people to go to my blog post about the stay at home mom.  The phrase I wanted to use for my hashtag was "stay at home mom".  So, my main hashtag became #StayAtHomeMom.  Notice that I camelbacked (began each word with a capital) the words to make it easier to read.

When savvy Twitter users see a tweet with that hashtag, they will click on it to see a list of tweets about stay at home moms.  

To increase the probability that enough people are even using that hashtag, I go to Before I tweeted about my post, I went to and entered "stayathomemom" in the search box.

Table mode to find trending hashtags

The result was the infographic you see at the top of this page. I clicked on "Table Mode" and found out that the monthly trend for #StayAtHomeMom was +17.0.  That meant that the popularity of that hashtag had increased 17% over the previous month. That convinced me that I should use that hashtag in an effort to get more people to my blog.

Related hashtags

To further increase the probability of getting more Twitter users to my blog, I searched for related hashtags.  I wanted to find one more hashtag that people use when they use #StayAtHomeMom". What I was readly looking for was the percentage of tweets using the searched hashtag that also use a related one.

This is called "correlation".  The thicker the line connected the red and blue cirles, the higher the correlation.  

Of the two thick connected lines, I could see one other hashtag that would fit into my promotion: #WorkFromHome.  Looking at the infographic in table mode, I could see that this second hashtag had a 15.2% correlation.  That meant that 15.2% of the tweets that used #StayAtHomeMom also used #WorkFromHome.

So, I used #WorkFromHome in my tweet to increase the probability of getting more visitors to my blog post. glossary

The Free Web Design Club website has a glossary of a number of terms.  Here is a partial list:

Red Circle — The hashtag you searched for.

Blue Circles — The top related hashtags.  This is measured as a percentage of the tweets using the searched tweets that also used the related one.

• The higher the correlation, the thicker the line connecting the two circles.
• The greater the popularity, the bigger the circle.
• If you click on a blue circle, that becomes a search hashtag (red circle) and you can find new hashtags related to the search hashtag.

Correlation — This number is measured as the percentage of tweets using the searched hashtag which also use the related one.

Popularity — This is a 0-100 rating relative to the most popular hashtag on Twitter. The most popular hashtag will get 100.  A hashtag that is never used would get 0.  You can find this number either by hovering over a blue circle or else by looking at the infographic in table mode.

Weekly & Monthly Trends — This tells how much the popularity of a hashtag has increased or decreased in the time frame. Read more.

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