Triumph Over Overwhelm.

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I triumph over overwhelm now because I've learned a tell a new story!


My old story of overwhelm was getting old, tired and annoying. To tell a new story, I had to renew the way I think. 

I remembered that this SFM journey is supposed to be FUN!

I redefined my idea of success, because with all this overwhelm conversation/thought in my head...I was beginning to feel like a loser. Feeling like a loser made me procrastinate becasue I felt the SFM was too hard and I wasn't going to succeed...But today I connected the dots and saw a Guiding Star.  


  • My new idea is that true succes is:

  • True success is learning to look within to who we are and what we came to do; focusing on the belief and knowing that I am already successful.

  • True success is what we live,  not a state of being we arrive at. To do our best is to live excellence!

  • True "Success is knowing what you are doing, loving what you are doing, and believing in what you are doing." Napolean Hill


I simply gave up overwhelm by learning  to focus on whats working for me rather than what's driving me crazy.

I've set a worthy goal in my life of being of service. My service is to do what ever I can to share and manifest joy,love and to touch, move and inspire myself and others simultaneously.


Wow! Do you know how awesome it would be to accomplish that? 





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