Unleash Your Creative Self

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Human beings on the face of this earth have a unique and special place they occupy as creators, innovators and dominators. It is a misnomer to find humans being dominated and pertrified by circumstances and disasters. They are the solution and should take charge of their collective destinies. In this segment, I am going to tackle on the issue of creativity.

Why should you create?

There is no special people who are made to create, you too can create something once you find your place and dig deeper within you to find your inward resources, skills and talents. You can be creative is arts, design, architecture, music, writing, innovations and systems development etc. The reason why you should create is because you are a superior being. No one create something for themselves; creation is for the benefit and greater good of others.

It's a sign of being alive when you can utilise your brain and creative energy for the benefit of others. In most cases it is easier to get demand when you make something that is original, fresh and new. People can buy anything for any amount when they consider that product to be of great make and design. For example, cars such as Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce are well designed and represent very good value to customers who want nice, comfortable, and excellent driving experiences. No wonder, you see even the higher demand for those expensive cars. Where excellency and quality is primed, value is also increased and in turn a high yield return on investment. 

Invest in self: Don't hold back

The greatest investment you can make is to yourself, utilising your own skills, talents and limitless creative potential. You owe it to yourself and the Creator to live to your very best with all creative energy that uou have. No one can do that for yourself but you can step out and shine. Do what has never been done and it has been done, add your personality and  unique dynamism to it. The apex of all creativity are crazy ideas that relentlessly pursued in unapologetic self-belief and energy. 


There is a beauty and fulfilment that comes from writing that blog, that book, making that music, drawing that portrait etc and unleashing your creative genius. What hinders many people is the lack of self belief and undermining their own worth and potential. Work on yourself  first and endorse yourself before the world stands up to endorse your art. Let them join you after you have been on the journey to create things and innovate.

To manifest the greatness inside you and the associated creativity, one needs to water the small efforts and harness all the positive energy. You have to decisively deal with any limiting beliefs and negative narratives. Be positive always, even if you have to force yourself to be.

Digital Era Opportunities

Apart from the inner creative energy that is in you, many people have struggled when it came to the actual manifestation of their creative ideas and as a result they have not been rewarded for it. In this article, I am not encourage on rushing for the reward but I am emphasising on perfecting your trade, work on yourself to perfect your trade and also utilising the digital systems and the internet to be effective and influential.

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