Using The Law of Attraction

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Five Steps I Implemented In My Life By Using The Law Of Attraction. See How I Used These Steps To Create Financial Abundance And A Life I Desire.

undefinedIn my previous article, Five Steps To Attract Money Using The Law Of Attraction. Are You Having Trouble Finding Financial Freedom In Your Current Job? I gave step-by-step intstructions on using The Law of Attraction to bring the abundance we desire into our lives. Now I give a personal description of how I used these steps to partner with Six Figure Mentors and create the life I have always desired.

Step One: Using The Law Of Attraction To Take The Focus Off Your Current Situation and Create What You Desire

The key in Step One is to manifest the feeling of the situation we want to attract by asking ourselves, "If I had all that my heart desires, in this very moment, what would that feel like?" Use your mind to kindle and maintain that feeling. Using our imagination is not an excersise that is supported in adulthood, but we all learned to pretend as children. We can remeber back when we didn't have huge responsibilities like paying bills or maintaining homes and families. As an adult, I was scared to spend time imagining what I wanted. I feared that the comparison to reality might make my current situation seem even worse.

I would not allow myself to dream of what I didn't have until one day I watched a video by a woman who joined Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and her life became exactly how she had imagined it in her dreams. Once she opened herself to this possibility of change in her life, she learned new skills, published a book, made several movies and increased her earning potential. I wanted that for my life and I was willing to implement whatever tools I needed to do it.

I am a Chopra Center Certified Perfect Health Instructor and just before I joined SFM I returned to California for a training. I have always wanted to work for them and be a guest lecturer, but I never thought it was possible. During my stay, I decided to "dream" it possible. I envisioned myself working for The Chopra Center. What would it feel like on stage? How would I talk to people at the seminar if was a lecturer and not just a trainee? I used my imagination to feel that joy and I eminated that feeling when I spoke with other participants. I didn't need to actually be employed by The Chopra Center in order to support and teach everyone I spoke to. Then, as The Law of Attraction would have it, mid-way through my week at the Chopra Center, I was tapped on the shoulder and asked to come on stage and share my story. I became the lecturer I dreamed of. This is a great example of how I had to be it (in my mind), before I could have it (in my reality).

Every day I practice being thankful for my current life and envisioning an even more abundant life. I continue to visualize lecturing to large groups of like-minded individuals, traveling with my family and designing my own work schedule. SFM is the platform that has created this life for me. I have developed skills to design webinars and promote my blog and lectures. I now reach millions of people. I am not lecturing on the physical stage that I originally envisioned, but I use my knowledge as a physician and a Chopra Instructor to teach on a much larger stage- the internet. By using SFM and The Law of Attraction, my teaching possibilities are limitless.

Step Two: Using The Law of Attraction To Recognize And Change Your Negative Emotions

Being honest about my negative thoughts and emotions is difficult for me. I have always thought of myself as a strong and positive person. It is hard for me to admit to thoughts of self doubt and lost hope. Last year, when I turned 45 years old, it was much harder to accept than turning 40. I felt self-critical that I had reached "middle age" and I had not accomplished my plans of being a lecturer. I had not reached as many lives as I had hoped. This may sound strange for a doctor to say that she did not feel accomplished, but I was spending way too much time worrying about work and money and not focusing of the life I desired.

No matter the details of our life-situations, our negative thoughts can take away our reasoning and our perspective. This destroys our ability to appreciate and enjoy the life we have. Step Two of Using The Law of Attraction helped me to realize that maybe my inner dialogue was not as positive as I thought. It was easy to be encouraging to others, but when it came to myself, I was very critical.

Q:Where was my proof that I was thinking negative thoughts? A:I wasn't leading the life I desired.

The back bone of The Law of Attraction is that we "create our own reality." Therefore if my reality was not as I had hoped, I needed to change my thoughts and emotions to match the vibration of the reality I wanted to create.

I knew that my job was not the problem, but my attitude about my job was the cause of my unhappiness. If I have a pattern of being critical of my situation, it won't matter where I work. Even if I had my dream job as a lecturer, those thoughts would still come with me until I learned to accept the role my thoughts play in creating my life. I began recognizing my negative thoughts of self-judgement and turning them around to appreciate what I had and what I knew was on its way. Then when SFM presented the opportunity to supplement my work as a physician with online business skills and marketing, I was open and hopeful. I had changed my mindset and did not carry my pattern of negative thinking with me onto my new journey.

Step Three: Using The Law Of Attraction To Practice Choosing Thoughts That Are Aligned With What You Want

I find Step Three the hardest step. I paraphrase it and call it Reaching for Happy. It makes intuitive sense to "Reach for the better feeeling thought," as Byron Katie says in her book, Loving What Is.  But learning to implement this as a skill, when the momentum of negative thinking took ahold of me, felt  like a huge and impossible task at times.

The Work of Byron Katie gave me the tools I needed to turn my negative thinking around. I had discovered "The Work" in my thirties and found it to be a simple and useful technique of examining my thoughts. The Work stresses the importance of writing down our judgements (or negative thoughts) and then asking four questions that can change how we view our situation. It took me many years of writing each negative thought on paper and finally it became automatic as each thought happened. It became second nature to recognize stress and question the thought process behind it. It is now a well-exercised muscle in my mind and I use it when the momentum of negative thoughts take me over.

"The Work" of Byron Katie is in complete alignment with Step Three of UsingThe Law of Attraction. Once I can imagine the life I desire (Step One), and recognize the the thoughts that are holding me back from having the life I desire (Step Two), I use the four questions descibed in The Work to align my thinking with the life I desire and therefore become a vibrational match.

Before I chose to be mentored at SFM, my thoughts of self doubt entered into my thinking much more than they do now. "The Work" was a stepping stone I used to attract the life I desire through my business and at SFM. SFM provides continuous opportunities to work on my mindset and self discoveryf or all the stepsUsing The Law of Attraction.

Step Four: Using The Law of Attraction To Be Open to All Possibilities

I grew up without a lot of money, but even as a little girl, I always knew I would have plenty as an adult. As a young adult studying medicine, I incurred enormous debt, but I never waivered from my belief that some day I would be prosperous. But as the expenses of having a family became more and more, the reality was that I was not earning enough money to pay off my debt. We were not living extravagantly, I just couldn't physically work all the hours needed to keep up with the incurring expenses. I kept my childhood feeling of abundance alive within me, but the reality of the bills was settling in. We had two children that were eventually going to need to go tho college and I had nothing saved for the future.

I have had pretty good health all my life, but I developed visual-loss migraines. These were a sure sign that the stress was getting to me and they represented the harsh reality that I couldn't work extra hours to keep up with the bills. I had no chice but to work "smarter not harder." I became open to the possibilities that income and abundance can come to me in whatever form the Universe provides. Even though I am a doctor, I don't have to rely soley on my hours at the hospital as the only source of income.

My traditional source of income was limited by my health, and out of despiration to still have the life I desired, I discovered Using The Law of Attraction. I grew up trusting that some day I would be financialy free, but I did not realize how important it was to nurture that belief. I stopped focusing on the money I couldn't make and became open to new possiblities of attracting it. Developing my on-line skills, hosting webinars and promoting SFM, is in complete alignment with doing the work I want to do in the world and the abundance I want to attract.

undefinedStep Five: Using The Law Of Attraction To Take Spontaneous Action And Create The Job And Financial Abundance You Desire

Spontaneous action is not about choosing to work harder. It is similar to being in a boat with oars and deciding to paddle with the current instead of against the current. Steps One through Four of Using The Law of Attraction are about the preparation for action (Step Five) and the cultivation of skills to recognize when to take the right action that is aligned with the life we desire-one that goes with the current, rather than working tirelessly against it.

Medical School and training to be a physician were the extremes of hard work. They were both physically challenging (with long hours and little sleep) and especially mentally challenging (with life and death situations.) Since Medical School, I have been studying many other Non-Western forms of healing and self help. This knowledge has supported my choice for a less stressful life, as well as given me tools to help others make that choice for themselves as well.

Although I never planned to be an affiliate marketer, I love promoting the SFM. It is a company that has given me the opportunity and ability to reach so many people. It feels only natural to recommend SFM to others who want the same out of their lives. When this opportunity presented itself, I didn't know exactly where it would lead me. I only knew I needed something to supplement my income and I saw it as a life-changing opportunity. I took the leap, and from the place of Spontaneous Action, I chose to ride the current down stream to an abundant life. Each day now, I still wake up with new challenges, but I keep stoking the fires of my childhood "inner-knowing" and I keep attracting abundance, not only for myself, but through reaching and teaching others about these steps as well.

Be sure to fill out the SFM Application so we can connect further. I want to help you change your life the way Six Figure Mentors has helped me change mine.



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