How To Visualise For Success (with audio)

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The power of visualising on your goals can be huge.  Many successful people, including Jim Carrey, Will Smith and Oprah use visualisation as a technique for success. 

In the early 90's Jim Carrey wrote himself a cheque for $10 million for "acting services rendered" to keep himself motivated and dated it 1994.  For his role in the film Dumb and Dumber he earned $10 million.  The year was 1994.

We all want a piece of that, right?

So how do you go about this?  Well, you need to set aside some time and integrate your visualisation time into your morning ritual - this is something else successful people do.  Mornings are a great time to focus on your goals as your mind is sharper following a good night's rest.

Getting your morning ritual written down and making sure you set aside some time for visualisation will help you get clear on starting your day in the best way possible.  The great thing is that visualisation only takes a few minutes so it doesn't take much time out of your already hectic Schedule. 

The Science

This is no airy-fairy flimflam - it's actual science.  The neurons in your brain interpret imagery as reality.  This means that new neural pathways are created when the brain tells the neurons to do the thing that you need to do to get the thing you want (I know, there are a lot of 'things' in there).  Simple.

For effective visualisation use a two-step process that goes like this:

1.  Visualise the outcome, your big goal, the thing that you dream about.  Don't be afraid to visualise goals that you think are impossible, the more detail you mix into it the more possible it will become. Involve all your senses; smell, taste, touch, sight and sound.  

To help you get your imagination juices flowing I have created a visualisation audio recording:

2.  Next, you need to visualise the steps that you will need to take to reach your goal.  As part of your morning ritual ask yourself what are the two things that you can do today that will move you closer to your goal.  Write them down on a post it note and keep it with you so that you don't stray from the tasks in hand throughout your day.

Vision Boards

Vision boards can be really helpful if you want some specific images to focus on.  Get yourself a good sized board and find images from magazines, the internet, photographs you've taken...anything that you are drawn to.  Stick it all on there and place your board somewhere where that's easy to see.  Keep the area around your vision board clean and clear.  You can add to it or take away at any time.  Get creative and enjoy the process!

I hope this gives you some inspiration, do let me know how you get on.

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Until next time, go well :)

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