Want To Get Rich? Don't Work For A Salary!

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Money, so desired by many and creating so much trouble for others. A lot of people dream about getting really rich and being able to afford anything they want. Even though making money only for the sake of making money shouldn't be a goal in itself, there's no denying that it makes life easier if you don't have to worry about this part, it can also drastically improve the quality of life if you spend it on the right things.

The interesting thing though, when you ask people on the street how to make money, the absolute majority answers by getting a job and receive a salary. However this is actually one of the most ineffective ways to do it. Even though I have searched I haven’t been able to find a single person who has become really rich by working as a normal employee. Of course being employed brings other benefit such as security, as long as you’re not fired or there are other jobs to find, but that’s another topic...

Want To Get Rich? Don't Work For A Salary!

What being employed basically means is that you have some kind of expertise or knowledge. Using this you’re helping a company earn money by giving your time to them. In compensation you are paid a salary so that you can afford living your life.

Unless you’re among the absolute top in the world within your field an employment won’t make you rich, by that I mean really rich. The reason for this is time.  All of us have a limited amount of time each day. As long as your income is connected to the amount of time you work there will be a limit on how much you can earn.

Of course by getting better at what you’re doing or by changing employer you can get better paid per time unit you spend. However this increase is very slow, for most people just a few percent raise in salary each year.

For many people the only way to climb up the salary ladder in their current jobs is to become a manager or boss of some kind. But these positions are limited and don’t fit all. For me personally seeing how much these people had to work; through evenings, nights and weekends, this path was definitely not something I wanted to take. I realized that if I were to make more money I wanted to have time to enjoy it as well, not having to work all the time and not being able to use it to improve the quality of my life.  The conclusion was that the dream lifestyle of mine with more financial freedom and freedom of time could never be a reality as long as I worked as an employee trading my precious time for money.

Time is not equal to money!

I investigated what people who had managed to get this freedom and flexibility I dreamt about had done. I then realized that firstly, none had been able to do it working as a traditional employee. Secondly they all had managed to separate their income from the amount of time they worked. Producing something of value and being able to reach out to a vast number of people with it seemed to be the key!


Selling a high quality product to a lot of people is a very good way. The best is if it’s a digital product since the distribution is so much easier. If you learn how to sell one product, just scale up and you can sell 10, 10 000 or 1 000 000 products. And if you’re like me, not a salesman and hating cold calling people or visiting potential customers I have good news for you. Learn how to market online on platforms like Facebook and Google/YouTube and you don’t have to do any of this.

You don’t even have to have your own product to sell. Many of the most successful people I encountered were selling other companies' products, as so called affiliates.

So what to take from this?

As long as you are trading your time for money there is a limit to what you can earn. And by doing it this way, even if you would earn a good amount of money you would have very little time left to spend on the things you really love.

Time is not equal to money. By selling high quality products to a lot of people your earnings will more get down to the quality and how much worth they bring to your customers than the time you’re spending at your office each day.

By using automated systems online many time consuming tasks can be automated and your business will be running 24/7 even if you are doing other things. By changing course towards this path you can get really rich financially, but probably most important of all in quality of life!

If you want to learn more I can send you a video series for free by clicking here. In these 7 videos my mentors will teach you about how the digital economy works, how to market online and how to build your own online business from scratch! This was actually the first step I took myself towards my new richer and freer life, by watching these videos.


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