We got SUMMER.

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Have you been waiting for summer to arrive?

We've had  some wonderful weather for summer fun activities.

The golf courses are lush green because of all the rain we've had. Even this a.m.. There was zero rain prediction. Dave was happy as it was one of his golf days.

Most of the morning was beautiful. It rained for about 20 minutes unexpectantly. The guys waited under a tree for 20 minutes for the rain to stop. The sun came out & the wet ones  proceeded & quickly finished their 18 holes of golf.

Last week we had 2 stright days of sunshine. This was great for our kids & grandkids to enjoy wake boarding, water skiing, kayaking, swimming, & tubing.

Our wonderful eldest grandson believed that gramma could go on the tube for tubing. He came along with me, gave me some good advice how to hold on, & reassured me his Dad (our son) would be gentle & keep us safe. I was up for the challenge but needed help.

Getting me on the tube should have been show on the worlds funniest videos as I had 4 helpers.  Our beautiful nurse daughter, made a step with her knee, our  helpfull granddaughter helping on the left side with a strong grandson & our stongest grandson lifted the heavy butt.

When the final boost onto the tube came, I thought I was going to go flying right over the tube. Next time I think I should get on at a dock instead of the beach. I  learn something new every day.

And so our reliable son drove the boat carefully. Our grandson talked calmly &  I giggled nervously. I was concerned at one point that I may fly off. I hung on tight & we made it back to shore safely.

Getting off the big tube was a piece of cake at shore. It may be more difficult getting off at the dock.

We ended one day with a fish fry.

Our son caught the fish on the Manitoulin Island & we enjoyed them in the Muskokas.

Family fun makes us feel young & energized.

We are learning more skills, overcoming more fears & having more fun since we choose to be part of an on-line business system we opted into.

We Clicked the link below left our email address and recieved a seven day video series that showed us how to get started. ENJOY. XO.

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