What Are Paradigms?

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Has anyone told you about your paradigm?

Have you ever wondered why you think, act, talk, walk and conduct yourself and get the results that you do? Has anybody ever told you about you how your mind is programmed?

Well let me tell you many of us find it hard to believe but with some very deep observation and concentration we can dig into our self image and programming and learn so much about ourselves that we didn’t know, hidden talents and gifts we have totally neglected our entire lives simply from our ignorance.

Many of us go through our entire lives accepting circumstances as they are with this ‘it’s just the way it is’ or ‘it’s just my luck’ kind of attitude where we expect our lives to be the way they are from past results. We are totally unaware that we have the ability to create circumstances in order to live the way they want.

What are paradigms?

Paradigms are the accumulated inheritance of other peoples opinions and beliefs systems. They are a multitude of habits that guide every move me make as to the way we walk, talk, eat, dress and conduct ourselves through our lives. However these habits are lodged into our subconscious mind so most of the time we are totally unaware of them.

How was the paradigm formed?

From birth we are bought up into an environment with no choice of our upbringing , our mind is like a sponge absorbing everything that is fed to us from the minute we are born, every word, sound and conversation we hear is moulding and shaping us into the person we become - Before we were no older than around 2 and a half years old we had been absorbing everything that we ever heard, taste smelt or touched. Until Finally, these habits we had been programmed with from birth and are put together to create our conscious awareness. This gave us the ability to start thinking creatively whilst leaning and developing until we built a belief system.

Paradigms were not only the result of our upbringing however they were also the result of our ancestors, so totally genetic, like the genes which determine how tall we are or if we have lots of hair etc. if your great grandparents were people who may have lived in poverty in a state of limiting beliefs it’s possible that their belief system may have had an effect on your programming.


A person who is earning 30k per year salary isn't earning that because it's his/hers choice. They may like to earn 100k a year but they aren’t aware of how to earn that kind of money their paradigm is programmed at 30k. They are more than capable of earning the 100k but 30k is their comfort zone. That person does not have to know how to earn 100k, they will find that out once they have achieved their goal. The problem is most of us don’t want to go after anything bigger than we are already getting, simply because we don’t know how, so this is whats stops us.

Paradigms are our comfort zones outside of fear, we will not move forward and progress until we overcome our fears and reprogrammed our subconscious mind to the limiting beliefs that are the barrier that are standing between us and our goal.

Can my paradigm be changed?

YES Fortunately enough it can my friend! there are a number of ways to alter the old paradigms and reprogram our subconscious mind and the answer is Affirmations!


Affirmations can be the simplest of things such goal cards, a written statement, post notes or a audio recording of yourself speaking the words of your desired achievement. 

Example: I am so happy and grateful now... that on the…date … I am consciously aware of earning ... amount of money or other goal … once I have this is in my possession I will provide the most efficient service I am capable of rendering … name the services or products you wish to market… and serve others with love and respect.

Read out your affirmation at least twice daily or more if you can will be even better. When reading your written statement make sure you get emotionally involved with it and most important feel as if you are already in possession of the good that you desire and get an image of the person you will be once your goal is achieved, use your creative imagination and start acting like the person you want to become from an attitude standpoint. That is how you are going to alter the old paradigm and start seeing your results change

Just remember …

The conscious mind has the ability to accept or reject any idea that is given to it, however our subconscious can only accept what we give it so this is why we must be careful what ideas we impress upon it.  We feed our subconscious mind through continuous repetition of information over a period of time until finally our subconscious mind accepts that idea, then this is when our body will automatically start taking action as the opportunities arise. Most importantly we must be aware of these opportunities that occur so that we can act on those immediately, we must have total faith in the manifestation of the good we desire. We will in good time start to attract the people and circumstances we need which will lead us to our goal.

Some of my favourite quotes from the greats …

‘Any idea that’s held in the mind, that’s emphasized that’s either feared or revered will begin at once to cloth itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available’                         Andrew Carnegie                                                             

‘We Become What We Think About’                                                             Earl Nightingale

So what are you waiting for take a good look at the results you are getting and get an idea of where you paradigm is at. Just remember we all have exactly the same potential inside of us don’t let previous results dictate what you can and can’t do with your future. You don’t need to continue getting the same results all the time with no fulfilment, the only thing that’s standing between you and your paradigm.

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All the best,

Altay Erol                                                                                   Founder of Connect 2 Lifestyle

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