What Are You Doing To Weather The Economic Storm?

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There's a lot of shit going on in the world at the moment (well, I guess there always is, but it seems more prominent right now), and every time I stick my head above the parapet, I hear someone complain.
Over here in the UK the big clusterfuck at the moment is obviously Brexit, and those widemouth politicians who can't seem to decide on which toy belongs to whom.

The thing's been going on for months now and I don't profess to be an expert in all things political, so I won't comment my view on it, because frankly I have no opinion, and I couldn't care a less what happens with it.
Because it don't let shit like that dictate my finances or lifestyle to the point where it has any kind of negative effect.
In business terms, it's gonna make sweet fuck all of a difference, although clearly for some people this isn't the case.
"Because of Brexit, I can't make future business plans!"
"Brexit has meant my profits are down from last year!"
"Because of Brexit, the company's making cutbacks, and I might lose my job!"
Now whether this is the case or not is irrelevant.

The fact these people people that's the case is enough to really fuck up their internal mindset, and how they view their life and their businesses.
It's quite possible that Brexit is a factor in the drops in sales, it's quite possible it's a factor in with that blokes company making cutbacks.
The question I've got is this - why in the name of the sweet baby Jesus are people not looking for a way to immunise themselves against these issues?
People seem to hold false beliefs about how they should live their lives (Getting a job, running their business a certain way), but it's all bollocks.
Sure, you could set up a high-street, brick and mortar business, work hard and maybe get some profits coming in.
But why would you choose to do that with all the vulnerabilities of a traditional business?
Buying stock that might not sell.
Paying expensive business rates and rent.
Having to pay for repairs on the building.
Admittedly, I still run a wellness clinic, a brick n' mortar operation, but the difference is it isn't my only source of income.
If my clinic burnt down tomorrow, I'd still be perfectly fine, because I've got my online business.
I don't worry about stock.
I don't worry about rent or rates.
I've got none of that with my online business.
As far working a traditional job, well, that's got it's own set of problems.
With a traditional job, the company that's hiring you has the same concerns, and your future is never certain.
You could be just another job cut, it makes no odds to the company, it's not personal, they just have to make ends meet.
The question, are you willing to do something about it?
Are you willing to take steps to secure yourself and your family's financial future?
If you are, click the link below and find out how you can immunise yourself against all the shit that's going on with the economy right now.
Click here to secure your financial future.
Talk soon,
P.S - This isn't some pie in the sky investing rubbish, and yes it involves building a business, ana ONLINE business, and yes it involves hard work.
The great news for you though is it's all been figured out already. All the in's and out of starting an online business that can weather all economic storms.
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