What Are Your Personal Traits

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Here is a list of character traits in a number of sentences apply to you that can really help you to know yourself better, your interests and what actually use to motivate you along with you are capable of doing. What matters is to identify with utmost sincerity and do not worry about contradicting yourself. You know you can be alternatively cheerful or bad, an extrovert or introvert.

Look at the list carefully and do not leave any of the traits out, select the one that are applicable to you and these will enable you to plan and a right decisions in business, especially Online business.

1.   You have great practical sense, you can easily cope with the problem of ordinary life.

2.   You have little practical sense, you don't cope well with the problems of ordinary life.

3.   Calm, measure, objective, of stable character.

4.   People reproach you to have a cold and indifferent attitude.

5.   You are tenacious and perseverant.

6.   In fact, you have a reputation for courage in front of danger.

7.   Attached to customs, to routine.

8.   Little interest for intimate matters of personality (feelings, emotions).

9.   Inconstant, with strong, changing feelings,

10. You are considered a lazy person.

11.  You are punctual.

12.  You like a simple life, frugal and moderate.

13.  Optimistic, happy with life.

14.  You are tenacious and perseverant.

15.  Very demanding with yourself.

16.  You like novels.

17.  You are a tendency to melancholy.

18.  You respect principles, you frequently refer to them.

19.  You feel the need for intense action in multiple directions.

20.  You like above all to eat, drink, sleep, organic desires are dominant.

21.  Undecided, timid, vulnerable, and scrupulous: you easily get discouraged.

22.  You carry out long-term ambitions with effort and do not get put off by obstacles.

23.  You wish to surprise and to attract people’s attention to yourself.

24.  You speak little and hardly ever laugh.

25.  You enjoy solitude.

26.  Your activity is ardently concentrated on one specific end, placed at the service of a

        Dominant passion.  

27.  Indifferent to the past and the future.

28.  You are cordial, expansive and successful in social life.

29.  You are acknowledge to have a sense of humour.

30.  Concentrated, intense interior life: inclined to writing intimate diaries or autobiographies.

31.  You like greatness and great causes.

32.  You enjoy the contact with nature and seeking refuge in it.

33.  You seek above all tranquility.

34.  You do not give too much transcendence to life, you like a worldly life and the conventional

        Gallantry that exists in it.

35.  You like what is strange, what is old.

36.  You hang on to family, patriotic or religious life.

37.  You enjoy the abstract, theories.

38.  You need improve reality; you easily modify what is objectives.

39.  People consider you have a positive, coldly ‘’realistic’’ spirit; you do not trust systems.

40.  You strongly like subjective art; you have a strong practical sense.  

41.  People recognize in you a natural authority and decision making power; you like to


42.  You like jokes, irony based on skepticism.

43.  You are said to be irritating but attractive at the same time.

44.  You are considered as not very helpful or willing to please.  

45.   People easily reproach you your lack of taste and of measure.

46.   You are accused of negligence or waste.

47.   You like entertainment and exciting things.

48.   You put obstacles to reconciliation: you keep for a long time the memory of an offence.

49.   You enjoy solitude.

50.   Very demanding with yourself.                 


Honestly, if you did not rush over this exercise of circle the numbers of the sentence relevant to you and make sure you do not leave any trait out, you will definitely discover whom you are and the level of your capability to go ahead and make right decisions that will within a short period of time change your lifestyle                    





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