What defines success to you?

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Many of us are fed this idyllic vision of a successful person by society, the one that has the huge house, Barbie for a wife, sports cars, parties on the huge lawn, swimming pool, a helicopter, a boat and banks full of money; but that is not the definition of success. My definition is "the achievement of the desired result", this can be whatever you define it to be. 

If you know any financially rich people described in my paragraph above I guarantee you they are not all emotionally balanced, fulfilled and happy people. 

As I develop my business and my understanding of becoming successful, I have much more clarity over what real success truly means...to me. And this is the important bit folks, what does it mean to you?

If you were never fed any information about others versions of success and what "you are supposed to achieve" to attain success, what would your version of success be?

I know for me having money is a part of it as this will allow me to do the things that make me feel successful, having time to play the piano, riding my motorbike, racing cars, taking my kid's camping. All of these things are nothing out of the ordinary and do not require millions so my level of success is nothing like the stereotypical person in paragraph one. 

The daft thing is, it doesn't actually take a lot to achieve most peoples level of success, and for all these years I thought it did. I haven't done all the things required for immense success as I thought it impossible for me.