What does it Cost to Start an Online Business

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To start an online business has never before been so feasible

Suppose you start an online business shortly. In that case, you will belong to an increasing group of like-minded people with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

To start an online business is no longer a fluffy "let's see if it works" sales slogan. Covid-19 has, without any doubt, pushed a lot of people to the edge of their comfort zone. There you will find the online business start-up as an alternative repeated over and over again.

As a passionate online entrepreneur and a very active blogger, I use to check frequently my numbers. Among other data, I can monitor the most popular blog post. You can see how many visitors, engagement, and clicks each article gets.

What surprises me a bit is that the number one article in terms of views, engagement, and clicks, still is something I wrote back in June 2016. Almost 5 years and still ranked as number one. The title, "How To Start Your Business Online Without Money," might be the reason for the popularity.

On one side, you can notice the desire by many to start an online business. The obstacle, though, seems to be the money. 

"Nothing is FREE. If you want to be SUCCESSFUL, you have to pay the PRICE."

- Jack Ma

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