What's on your NOT-to-do list?

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Lots of people make to do lists. We have so much stuff to do that the only way we remember it all is by writing it down. Studies show that it is extremely hard to stick to a to do list, but that's a whole other discussion. 

Do you obsess over crossing off items on your to do list? 

Some of us take our 'to do listsing' to the next level and obsess over crossing off items on the list. 

We break up the tasks into tiny pieces so we can have the satisfaction of crossing off and visualizing our efforts. By the end of the day, we can pad ourselves on the back due to all tasks we were able to get done :)

But as many of us keep to-do-lists, how many keep NOT-to-do-lists?

As the to do list boosts our sense of productivity, many of us could be way more productive if we stuck to the list. For some of us, a not-to-do-list might be helpful for that. 

Here is mine. Feel free to get inspired :)

  • Do not check Facebook every time you're slightly bored
  • Do not check Instagram for new followers every 10 min.
  • Do not get hung up on details to the point where you don't take the massive action required to move your business forward every day
  • Do not try to solve overwhelm with more work
  • Do not say yes to meetings with everyone who asks 
  • Do not try to multitask
  • Do not follow every impulse you get

What's on your not-to-do-list? Does it look similar to mine, or do you have other things you shouldn't do during your work day to stay on track? 

NOT to do = time-freedom

My main goal of having a digital business is to have the time-freedom I missed as an employee. It would be ridiculous to waste this precious opportunity by doing stuff that slows me down.

A digital business is hard work, but when done wisely a lot of tasks can be automated and you can literally earn money while you're asleep or when you are in the park with your kids.

I am grateful for this opportunity and I'll strive even more to keep things simple and to cross off more items on my NOT-to-do-list. Will you do the same? 



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