What is required to start an online business?

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What is the difference between traditional and online business?

The traditional or industrial method of business would require a lot from aspiring entrepreneurs in terms of setting up, cost, planning and investment etc. We can all agree that since the birth of the internet, the rate at which industry has grown has been exponential and in the grand scheme of things, this is still the beginning. There is no better time than now to start your own online business. All the information and guidance you need can be found on the internet. With support networks and maximum exposure to the public via social media and online marketing, setting up an online business can be achieved from a single location (Home).

So, what is required?

As long as you have a computer which has access to the internet and the willingness to learn how. Believe me, that is all you require. As previously mentioned, you can find all the information you need on YouTube and Google. With that said, there is so much information on this subject, with different strategies and business models, it can get confusing as to where to even start. This often leads to people never getting started and I’m speaking from experience of my own despair, despite the good intentions of the people offering this advice.

With all the information available, where do I start?

Given that you’re reading this article, it’s something that you’re interested in or considering doing yourself. This time 2 months ago, I was listening to an entrepreneur talk about the same opportunities given to those who want to get out of the rat race of life going to work a 9 to 5. He described it as a “J.O.B” (Just Over Broke) where people go to work for 160 hours + per month and are still on the bread line or those that are bordering retirement and worrying about a retirement plan.  Something just isn’t quite right!

This is a great place to start because I want to point you in the same direction I took 2 months ago with an education website called the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and the Digital Expert Academy (DEA).

What to look for when doing “due diligence”?

It’s fair to say that when getting your information from strangers on the internet, people (myself included) can be a little sceptical and reluctant to accept the advice given regardless whether it’s sound advice or not. So, it might pay you to do a little due diligence into the people/companies offering this advice. A few things to look for when doing your DD (Due Diligence) are; -   

Do they offer a product or service?

These products or services could be anything ranging from items of clothing to education. The reason behind this is, how can you take advice from those that don’t do what they teach when regarding business? If they don’t do it themselves then how can they help you avoid any costly pitfalls or legal charges?

Do they offer you the option to market their company products or services?

This is a great point because it is in their interest to give you the best advice and education for your market/promote their product or service.

The information given to you in this section, is the information that was given to me when reading a book called “The Cashflow Quadrant” by Robert T Kiyosaki.   


I would like to offer you a personal review of the SFM and DEA

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“I want to start by saying that I had the best experience with these guys. They had walkthrough videos telling you exactly what you need to do on the computer (If you’re anything like me on a computer, they are quite handy). They help setting up a business blueprint to get you focused on your goal with help centres open 24/7 and there are loads of people doing the same thing all around the world talking about their experience with the SFM and helping the new guys getting started”.

I was a little sceptical to start with, so I opted for the free 7-day video trial where they tell you exactly how you will be setting up and what to expect.   


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