It's The Start That Stops Most Of Us

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So what has been stopping you from taking the action in order to get what you really want? That car you've always wanted or perhaps a new home in a more rural location. Or how about that guy or girl you've had a crush on for the last 6 months but havent had the courage to ask them out yet. How about that business you've been wanting to start? The list is endless of all the things we want but we seem to convince ourselves time and time again that they arent possible, we accept things the way they are and continue living our lives with this 'it''s too good to be true' mentality where we expect bad luck just as we expect the sun to rise. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be this way 

Taking the first step towards a goal we want to come about is ultimately what stops most of us from having what we really want. Firstly we overthink and question ourselves about the outcome of our actions such as what might happen until we eventually talk ourslves out of doing it completely.

Ignorance is the only problem in the entire world simply not knowing. If we was all aware of who we are and what we are we wouldnt have any problems, there isn't anybody who is any better than anyone else or any less than anyone else, we all have exactly the same potential. We are the highest form of creation in the whole universe. We have been given the ability to create our own environment. unfortunely most of us don't, we let the outside world control us such as people and circumstances, we let the limitations of others hold us back from having what we want. Many of the great entreprenuers and inventors of history such as the great inventorThomas Edison with 3 months high school or the Wright brothers, 2 bicycle mechanics with 3 years high school who got us off the ground and created the aviation industry in 1903. or how about the first 2 guys to climb to the top of mount Everest in 1953 Edmund Hillary a bee keeper from Auckland Newzeland and Tenzing Norgay a sherpa from Nepal. All with very little schooling and low expectations from society have achived phenomenal results and changed paradigms of the entire world. let me tell you, you are no different from them!

Once we start focus on what we really want it's almost certain we will meet resistance and tempary defeat but its a matter of persistence. If we are working towards a predetermined goal we are becoming a person we have not been before so we start to feel a little uncomfortable about it, part of the journey is to increase our level of awareness one step at a time until we can start to see ourselves in possesion of the good we desire.


So why do we not feel comfortable being uncomfortable? Our comfort zone is the place that has got us to where we are today in our relationships environemt and finacial situation. we have limiations we set for ourslves from our self image, we judge ourselves from our past experiences and underestamate our abilty. Getting out of our comfort zone is unlimately the first step towards getting what we really want, doing something that we have never done before and going after it with faith backed with burning desire and most importantly a clear vision of the outcome.

So what are you waiting for? get yourself down to that car showroom and go and test drive that car you've always wanted. Go and ask the girl or guy out for diner tonight. start studying the fundementals of how to start a set up an online business. The time and circumstances are never going to be right there are always going to be reasons not to take action. Take action today and start living a more fulfiled meaningful life without limitations.

Altay Erol

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