What is your big why?

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What is Your Big Why?

Freedom Mompreneur by DesignJoAnne, here, and in today's blog post, I want to talk to you about what is your big why!

Are you looking to start or have already started a business from home be it blogging, network marketing and or other ways to earn additional income? If so, why? I know you may have come across this question before online or in a seminar, and I’m with you because I have as well multiple times. I have attended more than enough seminars in my life to know enough is enough, and it's that time to take absolute action so I invite you to join me in the next 5-10 mins in writing down a clear list of all your whys!

We all start for different reasons, maybe we are tired of our mundane 9-5, or tired of the long daily commute in bumper to bumper traffic. Well in this blog and proposed exercise, ( yes you should have a pen and paper by now), I want us to write down and post in a visible place the list of all our whys (the one big why and all the small whys that lead into that big why) to remind us as we take the consistent and much-needed action to work towards our goals.

Take time to write down why you started

Now, if you are one of the few where this is the first time you are seeing this phrase then I’m glad you’ve come to my blog post because taking the time to really get clear on all the reasons why you are choosing to be different from the herd and take action to create a plan b (or soon to be plan A) will really help to propel you and sustain you in your action. 

So here goes, to help you get started, here is my big why and my small whys that make up my big why!

MY BIG WHY: I want to thoroughly enjoy my life! I want to live a fulfilling and experience rich life! because

1) I’m just simply tired of being an employee. I am a successful employee in my own right and have done well in my career yet this isn’t what I desire in my life. This fact, however, builds on my parent's dream as well as my big boss’ dream. I have a good job, which allows me to put food on the table, and allows my boss to continue being a wealthy man.

2)I'm tired of waking up every morning and rushing with my kids to get them out of the house and myself in the car to sit in traffic for just under an hour watch the bumper in front of me inch forward every half a minute!

3)I'm tired of feeling time rushing by me but my life is staying the same and feeling a little stuck.

4)I'm tired of being in debt and not being able to truly purchase and enjoy the lifestyle I desire because of both lack of time and money.

5)I'm tired of putting up with office gossiping and politics.

6)I'm tired of the false sense of job security and the false sense of success a job gives.

7)I'm tired of waiting for the weekends to then rush around cleaning, doing groceries and catching up on personal responsibilities.

8)I'm extremely concerned about the global economy and want to take full control of my personal economy to ensure I position myself and my family in the best footing possible.

9)I'm responsible for my life and my results so I know that if I want something different, I have to do something different.

10) I want to take my sons to see the world together!

Now this list can go on and on and on but I want to keep this blog post short. Yet, I hope that it has inspired you now and that your pen is moving fiercely. I am simply tired of not living on my own terms and not having complete control of my life. I have reached a point where it’s time to take some action and that's what I'm doing!

Finding Your Big WHY

I hope you can relate to my frustrations and have completed the exercise and now are more invigorated than ever to take action in your own life. My big why came from all my small whys and if you don’t have a big WHY then you can do the same as I did and compile your small whys, and summarise them into one big one. It wasn’t hard to figure out but if you’re like me you realise quickly that you have many reasons why you don’t want to be where you are right now.

My big why is helping me make a move every day because if I procrastinate even for a bit then it reminds me that where I am isn’t where I desire to be. And if I don’t do anything about it then I’m not going anywhere, fast.

To your success


JoAnne Mbonigaba, Freedom Mompreneur by Design, passionate about helping moms create a viable digital business so that they can create a plan b or plan a to live a more fulfilling life with more time and options!

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p.s.s: I trust you found value in my blog giving you a little more insight into why I'm doing what I do and also that you complete the task to give you clarity as to what is your big why?

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