What Is Your Reason In Life?

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The two biggest question back in the 1960s was: What is the meaning of life? and Why are we here? Both questions are asking the same thing; What is our reason in life? For centuries these and questions like these were being asked all the time. 

The Best Reason For Being Here

There are what, seven billion people on the planet? (For round numbers anyway.) If you look at it, that is the reason why we are here. We have each other to take care of. 

We are all banded together in some way. Most like to think we are all brothers and sisters. And to a large degree, we are. But it is on a spiritual basis. It's the soul that holds our humanity together. 

As an aside, or maybe not, have you seen the latest advertisement where you can give a DNA sample and learn how many nationalities you actuall are? Pretty scary. We got more cousins than we thought. These tests are pointing out how we are related to people in countries we never suspected we could be related to. And we could be related to nationalities we don't understand or get along with.

What Should We Do?

Our reason for being here is to take care of each other. Instead of war, why not reason, why not understand? Why not talk things out? 

Face it, if you are sending thousands of your fellow nationalists off to a foreign country to be killed, that person has to be a bit off their rocker. Notice it is rare that a senator's or govenor's son or daughter goes off to these wars to defend the Constitution. But let's not get into the conversation of defending that document. 

We as a people were never meant to kill each other for any reason. We are here to prosper and flourish with each other. We are here to help each other and watch us expand into something greater. 

With all the hate, with all the killings and waring that is going on in this world, why not help each other to become something we weren't before? 

What I Want To Start

You can say what you like about the past eight years in the US. But you have to admit that we are not the nation we once were. And that's not a good thing to say in this case. We are no longer the richest country in the world. We are the greatest country in the world is now a debatable subject. Personally, I like to believe we still are the greatest nation. We still have freedoms that other countries wish they had. 

So this is what I want to start; I want to offer you an opportunity to create a stronger, more vital you. How would you feel about bringing this country back to her feet once again? What made this country great was the fact that we could produce millionaires seemingly over night. 

Where there is money, there is power. If a nation has enough millionaires, we are the nation that other countries will look up to again and want what we can produce. Not come here to live on the government's buck. Our taxes we pay. I didn't pay taxes so someone can come here and soak off it. No. I pay taxes so the people in office can protect us, provide high quality roads, and provide a justice system for us and so much more. But more importantly, I want the people to be the government to tell those people in office how to run this country according to our wishes and good judgement. 

Would that be a good reason in life? Click the banner below and create a new lifestyle and country.

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