What It Takes To Be A Success In Life

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If you ponder about what it takes to be a success in life, you have to realize certain uneasy aspects of what it is. You got to step out of your comfort zone. Have persistence and determination. Be broke for a while. Lose some friends. Have some sleepless nights. But most people simply do not get it.

So, what does it takes to be successful? Why is it so scary for many people? What can you do to keep going when things get tough? How can you persevere to be a success in life?

Success is not a straight line, and the only way to it is crooked. It is going down in the valley and then back up over a mountain. Most successful people have failed more times than you ever even tried. You should not wait for the stars to realign, you have to reach up and rearrange them the way you want. In this way, you create your constellation.

But there is only one slight difference between what it takes to be a success or a failure, and that is that you cannot stop believing in any way. No matter what anybody says, or tells you, you have to know beyond what is humanly possible.

You have to believe in your mind that you can. Do not allow anyone, even family, friends, acquaintances, teachers, or whoever it is to tell you that what you are dreaming for yourself and your family is not possible.

Anything is possible if you do not stop having faith that you can be a success. You have to plant your seed, water it, and accept it as true, even before it happens. Success requires hard work, persistence, and determination but other things come into account also. Here is some of the stuff it takes to be a success.

To Be a Success - Persistence and Determination

Persistence and Determination are a great combination to be successful. Persistence is an incredible quality which allows you to continue doing something or trying to do something, even though it is hard or opposed by other people. Determination is never giving up, especially in your own mind.

How true this is but not simple! So, a part of what it takes to be a success in life is definitely determination and persistence! If you are persistent, you open the door to many more possibilities and have a deeper appreciation for all of the things in life, especially the little things.

If you do not begin or do it, nothing is then possible. Most people do not even try, sadly, and many just try then stop or give up. Very few people try and try over and over, do again and again, and never give up. But those are the people that ultimately succeed and win.

To Be a Success - Hard Work

The bridge between reality and a dream is hard work. No ideas work unless you dare to do the job. Ideas without execution are simply disillusions. You can have the best concepts in the world, yet you have to understand that your ideas and the way it supposes to happen are not the only approaches in which it can occur.

To be a success, you have to stop making excuses and focus on making it happen. You have to focus on one thing, one area at the time. Put all of your energy in watering one area because if you spread the water across many seeds, you do not have as much water for one seed.

So, when you have mastered that one seed; you can then move on to the next one. If you believe in your dream enough or in what you are trying to accomplish, then you can see it. You have to foster the belief in what you are dreaming, put in the work so that it may become a reality. The way to the top and to be a success is through persistence, intelligence and hard work.

To Be a Success – Words Become Reality

Many of us are where we are based on upon what we believe. And it is not what you believe on the surface, but deep down in your subconscious that is holding you back from moving into the life, you feel you deserve. Your unconscious is running a tape through your mind telling yourself you are not good enough, not worthy, not smart, which is an audiotape that is playing for too many people.

If you are not conscious of that, then you end up acting out of this belief system and not out of what you know to be the truth. You are, in part, where you are today because of what you have been saying about yourself.

Words are like seeds. When you speak something out, you give life to what you are saying. And if you continue to say negative words, it can eventually become your reality. You are planting seeds when you talk, and at some point, you are going to eat that fruit. To be a success, you have to plant the right seeds. You are going to reap fruits from the exact grains you have been sowing.

In other words, you cannot talk negative, expect to live a positive life and be successful. You cannot talk defeat and expect victory. And you cannot talk of lack, not enough, cannot afford it, or never get ahead and expect to have abundance.

To Be a Success – Actions and Change

To be a success, you rather have to prophesy good things and wins about yourself. Then your life will move in the direction of your thoughts and words. Too many people go around and prophecy just the opposite. Things such as “I never get any good breaks in life,” “business is slow,” “I probably get laid off,” “Flu season is here, I will get it.”

Most people do not realize that they are predicting defeat. It is just like they are calling negativity in.
You have to act the other way around and believe that good things are already yours, and act as if they already are. This way, you can draw this to yourself while you are working towards it.

This way your actions are in alignment with what you say and think. The actions and choices you have previously made are created because of what you believe to be true for yourself. When you want to be a success, you have to act and change the way you think. You have the right to be great. Be different. Stand out. Change your destiny. And quit talking that it will not happen.

To Be a Success – Willpower

It is not enough to think you can be a success; you have to declare it out loud. Do it in front of a mirror. You have to speak out your future. Those words, repeated over and over, will get deep down inside of you. They will not only change your outlook but also change who you are.

Yes, life is hard at times, but you have no option. Handling the tragedies of life is difficult. It is hard when you put all of your efforts into something, and it does not work. Misfortunes happen to all of us, but when it happens, the real question is what are you going to do with it? Ask yourself the resources that you need to be a success and how to make it happen.

You have to fight back, one inch at a time. There will be many sleepless nights, but you will get to the next level if you keep moving. You have the choice to either give up or keep going. If you fail and still want to be a success, try again.

To Be a Success – Self-Education and Sleepless Nights

You have to read books instead of getting frivolous things. Material things come and go, but knowledge and experience are indestructible. You have to work on yourself and fill your mind with what you need to be a success. All people fail, even the most successful, so forget about your past and make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Most people read a lot of books on how to become successful, but writers tend to leave out the dark parts and rarely put them in the books. So, when others tell you that you will never amount to anything, just keep grinding. Do not stop hustling because these people are waiting for the time when they can say: “I told you so.”

Do not let life tear you down. Do not spend so much time comparing yourself to others. Do not try to be in somebody else’s life. Instead, do your own thing. Keep going and believe you can be a success. It will bring you where you want to be. Have confidence in what you do. So be relentless.

To Be a Success – Friends’ Loss and Help

Remember that anytime you walk into a room, know that you are special. You have to know that you mean something to this world. Sometimes, the outcomes are not always what you desire them to be but real failure in life is not trying at all.

You are the master of your fate. And it is very likely that you will lose friends along your journey to be a success, but they will be replaced by value and quality rather than quantity. The path to success is the definition you have of it. Real success is what makes you happy, but you have to be willing to work for it.

But realize that to be a success, you cannot do it alone. You have to ask for help. Most successful people will help you by giving advice, principles to live by, solutions and not money. Some might not step up and help you but others will. But know your worth and let no one put you down. And do not assume but ask.

And yes, to be a success, people will laugh, try to talk you out of your dreams, or turn their back on you. They will not understand what you are trying to achieve, and a lot of people will not be ready for it. But let me remind to continue to dream. It does not matter where you start at, or who tells you what or who you can or cannot be, I believe in you.

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