Do you want more Time OR do you want more Money?

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We spend our time to make money, then we spend our money to buy time

The "Modern Gold Rush" is not something new on the market. People run for the money as "donkey after the carrot". Chasing the money is not a recent discovery. 

However, there are 3 phrases about time and money that people use in their everyday life:

"You have to work to make money." In other words, you have to give all of your time to work for money because money is more valuable and more important than time. THIS IS THE MOST TRIVIAL MENTALITY I HAVE EVER HEARD!

"Time is money."- Is the famous American quote about the equallity between time and money.

Thinking that time is the same as money is equally wrong with thinking that cheese is butter. This quote was invented for mediocre minds and average people. It is incorrect to say that "time is money" when you know that everyone has 24h a day, but Bill Gates has a different bank account with a different ammount of money. If that was true then each of us would have to make the same ammount of money every 24h. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

"Use your money to value your time." It is probably what you didn't expect.

Is it good to have have money and invest them in your time?

IT IS EXACTLY WHAT RICH PEOPLE DO. Investing money in your time is the best way to become the ultimate version of yourself. You will be able to reinvent your being and to upgrade your own time. When you invest money in your time, your time becomes valuable. The more valuable your time is, the more value you add to the society you live in.As a result, the more wealthy you become.

Time doesn't chase the money, but money chase the time.

After all, the highest resource that human posses is time. Therefore is highly important to know the top three proprieties about time:

1.It never comes back to you. Once you spend your time in a place, doing any activity, the time does not return to you. What has past becomes past. 

2.It is always there. We cannot stop the time. Life goes on, even though we want it or not. You spend 24h a day anyway; So what diferentiate rich people from average people is how they manage their time and what they actually do with it.

3.It is directly connected with your thoughts, words and actions. The valuable time is the result of your valuable thoughts, words and actions. What you think about your life , what you speak to others and what you do related to yourslef and others has an impact on your time.

Albert Einstein said: “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute.That's relativity.”

Please let me know in a comment:What is more valuable to you: Time or Money?  

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